Small joys of life! - Version 2.0


This blog was started in 2011. and is currently in its 10th year. It has been through many changes, many alterations and it has also witnessed the changes in the publishing industry. Including the changes in Indian Writing along with the changing trends in the readers too.

What has not changed is the way it continues to be in the Top Blogs of India list, year after year. I guess I got my first nomination in 2013 and since then it has been there every single year. I am proud. I am ecstatic and at the same time, I am grateful. For when nothing seemed to go right, this blog did. It was always the way for me, to choose, to come back to, and to always wander on.

So here's me, celebrating my small wins of life.

Of being in Top 23 literary Blogs of India- 2021 yet again. And of being amongst the Top Blogs in India- 2021 for the 9th time in a row. 

If you have been around for all this while, a huge thank you.

If you are new here, a huge thank you to you too!

The way ahead is exciting and full of all things literary as it always has been on this blog. Thanks for sticking by!