A walk, a milestone and a turn

Since I started this blog 7.5 years ago, it has undergone so many changes. And yet there is not a single day when I am not feeling proud of having been at it. Throughout all the changes my life has been through in these years, books are one of the many things that kept me sane and this blog continues to be a testimony of my love for it. 

So it was extremely overwhelming to see my blog featured in the top 25 literary blogs of India. From being among the top 50 for 6 consecutive years (out of 7.5!) this one is a huge leap for me. Especially since last year when I have consciously started making changes in my review style and trying to lean more towards literary criticism. 

It is weird that this had to come at a time when a post titled ,'Why I stopped reviewing books' has been lying in my drafts. But as they say Universe has a way of sending you the signs when you need them the most. I take this as a sign, to keep reading and talking about the books that leave an impression on me.

To read more about my escapades into the literary criticism world, do hop over to this page - Belles-Lettres. I will keep updating it from time to time with my adventures, mishaps and the lessons.

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  1. Congratulations dear! That is indeed a big leap and you deserve every bit of it. I just love reading your reviews more than I might love the book itself. Keep it up to keep us hooked.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Shraddha, truly appreciate it. Your constant encouragement and support means a lot to me! :)


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