Redefining Life - Supernova by Md Faiz Yusuf

Someone had once told me, 'Debut novels are always inspired from real life. It is only much later that we get better at camouflaging reality with fiction. So if you want to know an author, always read their first ever book and you will never be disappointed.'

Long after finishing Supernova, I kept thinking about these words. Was I reading a real life story or was I reading a deadly combination of reality and fiction where it was difficult to decipher which was what? Still trying to find an answer, but as of now let's talk about how the book made me feel.

The plot might not sound extremely unique, however the treatment is something that stands out. With its highs and lows, the story of Ezra is bound to connect with you. What he goes through in life might not be the rarest of rare, what he interprets it as and makes out of it , that is what is inspiring and leaves a strong message with the reader.

This excerpt from the blurb says it all: 

In his own words, Ezra explains, “This story is not about how to achieve your dreams, though I did. This story is also not about how love arrives and leaves at unexpected times, even though it did. And again, this story is also not about how life is not a wish-granting factory and there will be a time you’ll be blamed for mistakes you never made, though I indeed was. This story is about everything that takes place in between those lines- the good, the bad and the worst, and that life will keep moving on no matter what, at a pace, you would mostly have little control over.”
Author Faiz Yusuf's writing reminds you of Shakespeare and Oliver Twist, with the latter having loose impressions all over the beginning of the novel. Ezra is an orphan and his struggles at the orphanage form an integral part of the narrative. The minimalist cover compliments the storyline exceptionally well. At the hindsight it is an extremely simple story of a young orphan who makes it big in life after struggling for some years. What makes it different, is that the story doesn't end at his success. It is the aftermath of success and popularity that makes this story an uniquely engaging read.

The language is brilliant, balanced, nuanced and extremely apt to elevate the reader's experience all throughout the novel. For a debut, he has done a stellar job at it.The story starts as Ezra's throwback and traces his journey all through this growing up years. His transformation from Ethan to Ezra and the challenges he overcomes to achieve his dreams only to witness his worst nightmare come true is what compromises of the novel. It is interesting to note how music and poetry form a part of the narrative, interwoven with the prose beautifully to give a poignant touch to the whole story.

With sentences that make you ponder, to appreciate the beauty of its meaning and the words used, apart from of course the meaning behind it all, this literary work is an evocative piece.

'I feel that we'll always fall short when it comes to achieving perfection. You could climb your way to the apex of the ladder and find yourself looked down by the birds."
I like how he has taken a seemingly normal incident from day to day life, added it to the scene and made it more layered by adding emotions to it. This clearly reflects on the writer's ability to observe life closely and want to capture it's ambiguity in his writing. Long after having finished reading this book, I am still reeling under the magic of its language - poignant, evocative and soul stirring - the quotes and one liners from this book deserve a post of their own.

The descriptions are stupendous, making it all come alive in front of your eyes as if you are witnessing Ezra go through his life. The author has captured every minute detail, in an attempt to make it more intricate.

The book replete with it's ups and downs akin to real life, also has a similar pattern in the narrative where there are certain portions which turn tad too slow for a reader to enjoy it like other portions.  Maybe those scenes demanded a slow pace of narrative or it was the need for the overall pacing of the novel. However, having said that, it doesn't take away from the sheer beauty of this novel. It is a brilliant piece of work which needs to be read and devoured to bask in its magical narration.

Strongly recommended for all fiction lovers, this is one story that will inspire you and make you look at life differently!