Unheard Voices : Reclaim- An Anthology of Women's Poetry

Source: Goodreads.com
~About the book~

RECLAIM / RESIST is a forthcoming two-part anthology series that aims to weaponize contemporary literature in reclaiming women's body from the oppression and victimization that we continuously endure in a capitalist-patriarchal society.

RECLAIM: An Anthology of Women's Poetry will be the first installment of this series, set for release in Fall 2019. RESIST: An Anthology of Women's Prose will be out in 2020.

You can know more about it HERE.

How often do we come across a book - on women, by women and for women which is not only powerful but is also inspiring? The answer is, it is rare. And it is rarer to have such a brilliant collection of poems in that book which leave a strong mark on the reader's psyche, long after they have finished reading the book. Reclaim can be easily called the need of the hour, something we all need to read and spread the word about. It is an eye opener, a reminder of our strengths as a woman, one that needs to be read to be understood and cannot be explained in words.

As the editor, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro says in the Editor's note:

"This anthology is but a attempt, a wish. A conversation among some of today's brilliant women poets, featuring work crafted out of aching necessity to wear their anger where it will be noticed, acknowledged for what it is. 

Words will never be enough to reclaim us, but perhaps they will inspire us to work toward a tomorrow where every woman has a chance to speak without fear or consequence, because as writers, we must not forget that everyone has a voice."

This encapsulates the whole theme of this book in a nutshell.

Reclaim revolves around the experiences of women in a world where they are still struggling for basic rights. Bringing together their reflections on all that is happening around them, this collection of poems is one that leaves you with goosebumps.The writing is strong and the message, stronger. You cannot help but admire the voices, their unique take on life and their choice of words. There is a certain poignancy in these poems, one that moves you beyond words and makes you ponder.

After years of oppression, the recent times have seen women coming out and voicing their displeasure. Be it women marches, right to equality or demand for equal pay - women have been talking about it all. Calling this book an amalgamation of all those voices would not be wrong. Leaving behind trauma, abuse, harassment and years of social conditioning, these works celebrate being a women in every way.  

Weaving together different aspects of a woman's life, like body-shaming, discrimination basis the skin colour, freedom to chase their dreams etc, the poets have created a masterpiece that spellbinds the reader. Kudos to the editor, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro for having curated it so well, creating a flow of the poems while taking into consideration their overall tone and message. This managed to create a beautiful imagery through all these poems, empowering a reader by the end of it.  However much I tried, it is difficult to pick one favourite from these collection of gems. Each and every poem is stellar and uplifting in every possible way. 

Overall, a must read for every one out there - poetry lovers you don't want to miss this one!