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Unheard Voices : Reclaim- An Anthology of Women's Poetry

~About the book~
RECLAIM / RESIST is a forthcoming two-part anthology series that aims to weaponize contemporary literature in reclaiming women's body from the oppression and victimization that we continuously endure in a capitalist-patriarchal society.
RECLAIM: An Anthology of Women's Poetry will be the first installment of this series, set for release in Fall 2019. RESIST: An Anthology of Women's Prose will be out in 2020.
You can know more about it HERE.

Behind the Book : Supernova by Md Faiz Yusuf

It isn't everyday that you come across literary debuts that fill you with joy and hope. Joy, on having discovered such a wonderful book and author, and hope, to keep reading such amazing books from the author! Today I am sharing with you one such literary debut that is everything one would want it to be. It is magic, hope, joy, love and life wrapped inside a book for you to devour and bask in.

Clean Bowled: The Nine Waves by Mihir Bose

About the book: 
'Mihir has followed Indian cricket since his school days in Mumbai and the nine waves in his own style will bring out the subtleties and the nuances, pulls and pressures, the culture and colour, the politics and the people that make Indian cricket different from other countries’.’ —Sunil Gavaskar 
The nine waves will captivate all.’ —Ravi Shastri 
Mihir Bose is fantastically well informed on world cricket and has great insight into the game.’Moeen Ali 
'The nine waves is a tour de force. The most entertaining and comprehensive book on cricket in this country to be published yet, it tells the story of the nine great waves that have rolled through the history of Indian cricket, from India’s international debut in 1932 to the incredible achievements of Virat Kohli’s team today. Each wave or era was chock-full of mesmerizing stars, thrilling moments, great victories, heart-breaking losses and significant turning points—this book tells the story of each of them…

The Homecoming - Kashmir As I See It: From Within and Afar by Ashok Dhar

Kashmir, a place that has been called heaven on earth, has been bleeding since decades now and sadly there is not much respite to its plight. While my heart goes out to all the Kashmiris who have faced the brutalities time and again, my mind is throbbing with questions as I try to delve deeper and understand the what, how and why. Written by Ashok Dhar, who was born and brought up in Kashmir, this book promises to be give you a first hand insight into the Kashmir issue.   *-*-* Stories of the trauma and betrayal faced by Kashmiris have been told, the events retraced and analysis offered. And yet, one of the most long-standing disputes in India’s post-Independence history remains unsettled. If it were up to Lal Ded, a Sufi poet, she would offer the most difficult solution so far—to look within. Kashmir As I See It, a personal journey interspersed with geopolitical analysis, is not only about the state but also about the voice that yearns to be home again.
Ashok Dhar slowly and careful…

In conversation with Sonia Bahl - Author of A Year of Wednesdays

Today, we have a very interesting author with us talking about life and love at large. 
Before I introduce her to you, I would like to share a small brief about our first interaction almost a year and a half ago. As a book blogger, am sure you all would agree we keep getting review requests from authors on and off. What set her review request apart from all the others (And here I mean almost all emails I have got since 2011 till date!) is the fact that she had taken the effort to go through my entire blog, including my bio, read a few reviews and everything that I had to say here which could be construed as important. Never ever have I received such an beautifully personalized email. It is as if she could read through my bio and see the person behind it. With her one email, she left me feeling so special till date. The love for books and all things mundane in life was a common attraction I guess which made me admire this author more!

Needless to add, she is an author par excellence a…

Victim or Villain - Sanjay Dutt: One man, many lives by Ram Kamal Mukherjee

:About the Book:
What the world knows about Sanjay duty is only half-truths. best-selling author, film producer and renowned journalist Ram Kamal Mukherjee unravels the enigma and stigma surrounding Sanju Baba. There can be no last word on Sanjay Dutt. Ever. Even as he walks a free man after more than three decades of prison terms and controversies, Dutt remains a classic case study in all that defines the ‘star’ system in Hollywood industry known for its deep-rooted sense of entitlement. However, there is one question that dominates: who is the real Sanjay duty? 
Is he a man who has been ‘wronged by the media’, as his friend and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani wants everyone to believe? Is he a son who could never recover from his mother’s death? Is he a son whose father political leanings made him an easy target? Or is he a myth, created by a consortium of film journalists, industry insiders, political fiends and adversaries? Delving deep into both the man and his circumstances, Sanjay D…

Gadgets Galore - Where will man take us? by Atul Jalan

Not many moons ago, when Siri was launched, I remember the craze it had managed to generate among people. It could save you from suicide, help you do things and be your companion. Today times have changed, and Siri has of course only improved with time. We now have Alexa along with many other such 'techie companions' as my friend calls them. 
First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII — and we thought it was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television. With the World Wide Web, we've realized it's a brochure.” ― Douglas Adams