A note to self : The Power of Positivity - Optimism and the 7th sense by Padmakali Banerjee

Source: SAGE Publications
One of the key aspects of personal development is optimism or the power of positive thinking. According to research, positive thinking is a way of life that can be adapted to bring about a huge change.

‘We become what we think about.’ – Early Nightingale
Bringing together her two decades of experience as a thought leader, public speaker and life coach, author Padmakali Banerjee brings forth a brilliant concept of seventh sense and provides a model for cultivating the spirit of optimism in her book The Power of Positivity – Optimism and the 7th Sense. The author begins by telling us how the word ‘optimism’ has a much deeper meaning than what we can see and how a driving force makes a huge impact on our actions. Having researched for years over finding that one thing which separates a successful person from others, the psychologist in her concluded that it is the attitude.

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