Book Review: Out with Lanterns by Alisha 'Priti' Kirpalani


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Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Readomania

Price: Rs. 250/- (I got the book for review from the author)

Behind the Book

You venture out into the night, armed with lanterns, looking for yourself. You navigate this path ridden with complexities, questions and undefinable emotions. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you might just find love. Out With Lanterns is a genre-breaking novel that traces the delicate, yet intricate nuances of human relationships. It is not just a story about love. It is a tale about the tumultuous journey life sends us on.

Karin Mehra, a mother of two, is happily married to Raoul. Yet she feels empty and getting older adds to her alienation, stirring up trouble in her mind and marriage. In a chance encounter, she meets the younger and charismatic Aksh Soni, a successful writer, who is in a complicated, long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Sia. Drawn towards each other, despite all that is at stake, Karin and Aksh lose themselves in a secret world of their own.

The choices facing them are difficult. Should they hurt the ones who love them for the beguiling promise of an ideal relationship sizzling with cerebral chemistry? The shades of life and love are not black and white. There are no heroes and no villains. Are these boundaries too heavy a price we pay for being but human?
About the Author

Alisha 'Priti' Kirpalani lives in Mumbai along with her husband, two daughters, one cat and over a hundred board games. From full length novels to blogging to micro-fiction, she is known for the elegant language and insightful nature of her emotionally - charged writing.

She is the author of 'Out With Lanterns' a genre breaking novel about the discovery of life, love and everything in between and 'A Smattering of Darkness' a collection of short and shorter twisted tales dealing with the human psyche. She was acknowledged as a top writer in Feminism for her blog on Medium. For further information, visit her website.

There are certain books that speak to you in a tone , you have never heard before. This book by Alisha 'Priti' Kirpalani did this to me, every night for the past few days as I read it just before going to sleep. It also made sure I had vivid dreams of people and places long forgotten, who were not more than a hazy memory till now.

If you actually observe, both the cover and the title of the book are intriguing. They speak a lot and yet say nothing about what to expect from the book in terms of story or the theme. And somewhere,  I think it is this suspense that lends a magical uplift to the whole novel.

The story is not a simple one, if I were to put it honestly. It is complex, just like the way we tend to complicate relationships, situations and people unnecessarily. Written in a heart-felt tone, the author brings a certain poignancy to the narrative as it is a subject that requires it. One cannot talk about relationships in a matter of fact tone. Every time the author dealt with the nuances of human relationships with grace and elan, I could hear my heart skip a beat. It was poetic to read through some of the conversations between the primary characters as they took me on a different journey altogether.

I had read somewhere, we love in four different ways. From our heart, with our soul, with our body and lastly through our mind. For some, all the four loves are found in one person while for some people they are four different people. We meet them all throughout our journey in life and experience a surreal feeling with them as that love blooms and blossoms in whatever span of time we spend with them. There is no justified reasoning behind this feelings and one can never capture them completely in words. But here, I must say the author has been able to do justice is being able to capture the mystic nature of such love. It is boundary-less, ageless and expectation-less.

The characters are a treat to warm up to, especially because the story involves writers, manuscripts and their journey as a writer interwoven with the state of their mind. This is so relatable, because being a writer myself I know how what we go through in real life actually sets the tone for what we pen down. With names as unique as their descriptions, each of these characters actually add to the narrative rather than just feeling like a passing cloud. I loved the vivid imaginary the author managed to conjure in such less words, leaving a reader speechless with the ending that can have nothing but a "Wow" to befit it!

Loved reading this gem of a book and would recommend it strongly but not for everyone. It is a rare treat, reserved for special souls and not everyone's cup of tea!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Chinese Bread Dhokla Sandwich - An extremely unique dish with flavours that are completely out of this world.

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  1. Do you think it's for me? It seems interesting. Adding it to my TBR.


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