Book Review: Revolt of the Lamebren (The Super-Dome Chronicles) by Manjiri Prabhu



Genre: Fiction / Fantasy

Publishers: Readomania

Price: Rs. 299/- (I got the book for review from the publisher)

Behind the Book

What if you are born with a termination date? Would you be ready to die at sixteen?

In the Super-Dome of the future, Altklugs are born with the super-knowledge and efficiency of 6.25 human years, in their one year.

Zinnia is one of the Lamebren, normal humans missing the ace inputs in this world. As she and others like her grapple with their clipped, carefully monitored and suffocating life in the Super-Dome, they face the looming threat of their termination dates. Startling events and unexpected dark secrets reveal the decay, cruel intentions and repercussions of the Altklug world, making Zinnia realise that it is up to her to challenge their pre-decided destiny. Through a vortex of extreme adversities and life-threatening danger as well as painful self-realisation,  Zinnia bravely fights the world of the Altklugs for justice and equality.

Would she and her friends win the fight for the survival of the Lamebren and beat their termination dates?

Revolt of the Lamebren, the first book in the Super-Dome Chronicles saga, is Zinnia’s daring and exciting journey of survival.

About the Author

Manjiri Prabhu lives in Pune, India. She's been a short Filmmaker and Television Producer for several years and a writer for most of her life! She has directed more than 200 short films for children and adults and has published two romances, two mystery novels and a non-fiction book on Hindi films. She is also an active animal lover and works for the sterilization and adoption of street dogs.

Not many moons ago I had devoured The Cosmic Clues by the same author. Touted to be India's first astro-physics detective novel, it had made me a fan of her inimitable writing style and out of the box concepts. With this book, she reaffirmed my love for her writing.

The story revolves around Zinnia, one of the lamebrens who is one of us. She is a human because of which it is easy to relate to her trials and tribulations in the book. I absolutely loved the world building in this book. Starting with a map and a hierarchy chart, the author clearly invites the reader into this enticing world of Altklug.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting ride with Zinnia and others till the last page as the curiosity was at its peak after reading the blurb and it was retained till the end making me now crave for the next book in the series. I have always felt that first book in a series is extremely important in terms of creating a world full of new characters and also announcing the conflict. This book does justice to these things impeccably. The author manages to announce the conflict, introduce us to the characters helping us warm up to their whole surroundings and intrigues us enough to look forward to some action.

Page after page the world of Altklug is unraveled for you, piece by piece for you to become a part of it to an extent that when the actual story starts you feel as if you are witnessing it at close quarters. The scenes are pretty descriptive, making it all come alive before the eyes. The quick paced narrative compliments the tightly woven plot exceptionally well creating an engrossing reading experience.

Overall a brilliant read, layered, evocative and perfectly nuanced writing making it a pure joy to read it. Strongly recommended! Adding this to the list of book series I am so looking forward to.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Guava Empanadas - uniquely refreshing flavours that escalate in every bite!

Source: Archana's Kitchen