Book Review: Newsman-Tracking India in the Modi Era by Rajdeep Sardesai



Genre: Non-Fiction/ Politics 

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 299/- (I got the book for review from the publisher)

Behind the Book

The rise of Narendra Modi has heralded one of the most exciting and contentious periods in Indian politics. From the day he was sworn in as prime minister in May 2014, Mr Modi has dominated the news cycle, attracting admirers and critics in equal measure. Rahul Gandhi and the Opposition too have slowly begun to find their voice even as the country is conflicted between a billion aspirations and rising mutinies. Who will win the big battle for 2019 as the Indian Political League enters the final stretch? What defines the Modi persona? How will the deep divisions in society be bridged? What are the challenges ahead of a ‘new’ India? And what of the lingering credibility crisis confronting the Indian media? As one of the country’s leading journalists with a ringside view to Indian politics, Rajdeep Sardesai’s incisive analysis of contemporary events decodes the key questions of our times.

About the Author

One of the most respected voices in Indian journalism, Rajdeep Sardesai is an award-winning journalist and consulting editor with India Today television. He is the author of the bestselling books, 2014: The Election that Changed India and Democracy’s XI: The Great Indian Cricket Story.

Cut to 2014 when the whole nation was waiting with bated breath for the election results to come - Modi was announced the PM of the nation. Till now all throughout his regime, we have seen both ardent fans and extreme haters who have been unable to comprehend what is going wrong at the moment. There are a lot of questions which make a commoner like us wonder if they are even thought of before executing.

This is a collection of media analysis and opinion pieces written by Rajdeep Sardesai over the period of four years since the time Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of our country. The write-ups in no way feel dated as the author has added latest postscripts to each of the giving his observations backed with his reasoning leading to it.

Following many national issues ranging from demonetization to the surgical strikes that have been talked about so frequently. The book aims at analyzing also the facet of this regime where now the question is will he be voted to power again in 2019. Here, he presents us all the possible outcomes, the factors that might influence each one of them with his reasoning to justify that stance.

This book aims at providing answers for each one of those. Using his expertise at analyzing the political scenario of the country along with its socio political impact, the author presents an interesting analogy of the last 4 years in the country with current PM. You may or may not agree with all that is said in the book, but the point it - it is still worth a read because of the questions it tries to answer.

Recommended for all curious cats like, who appreciate perspectives and enjoy reading about local politics to know vibe in the country!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Betel Nut Leaves Bajji - crispy and crunchy, not a masses favourite but delicious nevertheless!

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