Book Review: Like a Bird on the Wire by Chhavi Bhardwaj

ISBN 978-93873-836-78

Genre: Fiction 

Publishers: Amaryllis

Price: Rs. 399/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book

Nethra Kaul is sharp, efficient, beautiful and single. A quintessential “good girl”, she believes in doing the ‘right thing’, always. Only, her life isn’t all that right. A broken heart? Check. Misfit at work? Double-check. Hopeless romanticism? Not enough checks in the world!

Avinash Rathore, her batchmate from the IAS, is the man she had loved and wanted, very much. Avinash is a high-flyer and his life looks picture perfect at the moment – a soaring career, a lovely wife and a beautiful child.

What more could he possibly want?

What more, other than the intense, sublime love that had once blossomed in the salubrious environs of Mussoorie, where Nethra and Avinash had trained as probationers?

The tentacles of fate are closing in fast as Nethra and Avinash come together, one more time, for something that will prove to be as disastrous as it is enticing.

How will Avinash get trapped in a labyrinth spawned out of animosity?
Does a woman need a man in her life to feel complete?
Will Nethra find solace, will she find love?

About the Author

Chhavi Bhardwaj was born in Uttarakhand in 1985. After studying electronic and communications engineering, she was selected for the Indian Administrative Service in the year 2008. She is currently placed as Collector, Jabalpur.

There are some love stories which can only be experienced they can never be told. This is one such story. Written straight from the heart in an honest tone, there is something about this heartwarming love story that tugs your heart. A cover that is so mystic and a blurb that leaves you pondering, this book had made me inquisitive about what is in store for me.

Growing up in Indian society as a woman means you have been conditioned to believe that your place is in kitchen and that to harbour any dreams of a career is almost criminal. You could maybe get away with murder but not if you choose your career over your personal priorities. This story resonated very strongly with me for I have been there, done that. The very question that does a woman need a man to complete her in life is something that has been debated for decades now and yet no one has seen its end, convincingly.

The story of Nethra, is so relatable which I am sure most of the women in India will also agree with. Dare to dreams and dare to defy everyone to make them come true - is the mantra of her life but somewhere in one corner we all want to be loved and have a companion to come back to after a long day of battling the world. Is Nethra also like that?

On the other hand we have Avinash who is battling with his mind and heart, unable to decide what to choose between the two. He somehow reminds me of guys who always want to fall in love, date the most popular girl in their class but want a homely girl to get married to, someone who has never dated and is simple. I loved reading his thoughts and trying to understand what makes him think the way he is. The point is, neither of them are to be blamed for thinking like this. This is what your upbringing and social conditioning does to us.

The language is lucid and the narrative is breezy. Thoroughly enjoyable read this book is something I recommend, strongly.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Paruppu Vadai - Crispy, crunchy and a perfect companion for  rainy afternoon with a steaming hot cup of adrak wali chai!

Source: Jeyashri's Kitchen


  1. Its big miracle if people can cut the belief of society.
    We all are society.
    When we live in love is the only way to survive.
    Why we look out random needs .Nobody can understand ?why !
    It's a basic question .
    when you live in life with accomplished desire of love .
    Is it possible to cover all ?
    But, you can live with love.
    So, I notice when someone live a life without love with the need of love .
    Its not truthful to live.
    I always see miracles but, what is our need ?
    Its never gonna remain a constant.
    But, what we love most it will be always pure Essence .
    In my Mind Nethra want a love which she is finding in Avinash.
    But, a certain conditions can change the possibilities.
    So, I will like to go through story to see how she lived .
    Life is unpredictable when it is .
    Then why one keep a wish to fulfillment with a common desire .
    It can be complete while living in.
    A word is not correct for me homely girl .
    So, if I'm kidding ! In this epic humans are living in jungle
    Good story after all .
    People can get a lesson from it.


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