Book Review: Unfettered Wings by Sana Munir


ISBN 978-9386-2287-03

Genre: Fiction / Anthologies

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book

From the barren dust bowl of Nushki, a small town in Balochistan, to the posh white marble bungalows and magnificent mansions of Lahore, this book captures vignettes of the lives of Pakistani women who brave battles, big or small, every day. These women compare with their Indian counterparts as much as they contrast. Whether it is little Farida, through whose innocent eyes we see the drawing of political borders and the destruction of many families, or Meera, whose attempt at reaching out across these very borders is met with ridicule by her own countrymen; Summi, who shares the painful burden of her husband’s past; or the wanton Maria for whom love and relationships matter naught—these are real-life characters grappling with issues that are as timeless as they are contemporary.

Unfettered Wings is about strength and fortitude; of relationships in ordinary settings that unfold into extraordinary situations.

About the Author

Sana Munir has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication Theory and Research from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. She has taught International Communication and Feminist Film Theory at her alma mater, Lahore College for Women University. She has also freelanced for various prominent magazines in Pakistan. To Sana, feminism is not a mere school of thought or ideology but a way of living, rooted in essential moral principles of equality, humanity, acceptance and justice. Sana is based in Lahore, Pakistan.

With a beautiful cover, a heart-warming bio and a poignant blurb - this book tugged my heart like none another.

A collection of stories which talk about the strength of Pakistani women who undergo extra-ordinary circumstances in life, this book is hugely motivating in a lot of ways. For starters it takes us to places where we could have never imagined travelling to, telling us stories of women whom we presume to be meek and docile. What we always forget is that for a woman, strength is not a choice, it is a matter of existence to be displayed only when the going gets tough.

Written in lucid language, the author has allowed the heroics of these women do the talking rather than trying to force the storytelling on them. It is moving, as it shows you how much a woman has to go through. Also because it is a stark reminder of some of the basic things we tend to take for granted in our existence. We complain about things which actually can be counted as luxury for a lot of people.

It is am extremely light read, with stories that are not dealing with dark or heavy topics. The stories are refreshing to read and ponder upon. It is nearly impossible to choose one favourite from these 10 gems for each one is so spectacular. It is like classical song which starts slowly, engulfs your senses and keeps escalating in every stanza till the end by when it has captivated your mind and heart. This book is a gem of a read as it talks about culture, tradition and various practices which most of us have been unknown to. It also gives us a glimpse into the heart of women who otherwise have been assumed to be the weaker sex.

Strongly recommended, this brilliant masterpiece needs to be read.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Falafel wrap - crispy, crunchy, delicious combo of a plethora of flavours!

Source: Gourmandelle


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    1. Thank you so much Sana Munir, so glad you liked the review! I really enjoyed your book a lot. Kudos


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