Book Review: Anon. by Bhavani Iyer


ISBN 978-9387779631

Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Fingerprint! Publishing

Price: Rs. 399/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book

Welcome to Calcutta of the sixties and the seventies.
Meet Debottam, the genius vagabond son of a wealthy zamindar.
Meet Urbish, the ambitious dreamer whose father is a fisherman.
Walk with them through the red earth of Shantiniketan.
Visit the jazz clubs of Park Street.
Experience friendship redefined by two people who have only one thing in common writing.
But one is willing to kill to write and the other is willing to die.
Anon. Short for Anonymous.
After all what’s in a name?

About the Author

Bhavani Iyer is a screenwriter who has written several Hindi films and television shows. She lives in Mumbai with her boyfriend, three dogs and a cat. Anon. is her first novel.

In the end, we all become stories. - Margaret Atwood

This book reminded of this beautiful quote. Taking us through the lanes of Kolkata of the 60s and 70s, then known as Calcutta, the author gives us a glimpse into this beautiful city which breathes art and literature. Someone has rightly said, "If nostalgia was a country, Calcutta would be it's capital."

Because this is exactly the feeling captured by the author in this book. A heart warming tale of Deb and Urbish, their camaraderie and their growing up years along with the growing up of a city is a joy that can only be witnessed in the author's words. The characters are totally relatable, as they are honest and eccentric. Their humane side has been brought out exceptionally well in the story. The narrative is profound, with descriptions that have the power to transport you that era.

Witty, engaging and engrossing, this book is a wonderful read. The beauty of the book lies in the manner in which the author deals with the complexity of human relationships, displaying their beauty along with their ugliness without any judgement leaving it to the reader's interpretation.

Layered with various emotions and texturing it with changing times, the plot is one that is promising and the author delivers to that promise. She makes you nostalgic , reminiscing about childhood, thinking about the long forgotten childhood friend with whom you had heartfelt memories or that crush is now a hazy picture hidden somewhere in the bylanes of your heart.

The author makes you live every single moment, making you a witness of this mind blowing story leaving you feeling extremely satisfied as a reader and pondering as a person.

Strongly recommended, this is once-in-a-lifetime kind of book which can only be experienced!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Sev Khamani - a perfect companion on a rainy weekend to brighten up a gloomy mood!

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