Book Review: The Vengeance of Indra (Vikramaditya Veergatha #3) by Shatrujeet Nath




Genre: Fiction / Fantasy

Publishers: Jaico Publishing House

Price: Rs. 350/-  ( I got the book for review from the b00k r3vi3ws)
Behind the Book


In their greed to possess the deadly Halahala, the devas and the asuras have employed every dirty trick against Vikramaditya and his Council of Nine. But the humans are still standing, bloodied but unbowed.

When the wily Shukracharya discovers the secret to breaking the Council’s unity and strength, he forges an unlikely alliance with his arch-enemy, Indra, to set a deceitful plan in motion.

As cracks emerge between the councilors and their king, ghosts from the past threaten to ruin Vikramaditya and Kalidasa’s friendship, signaling the beginning of an eclipse that will cast a long shadow over all that Vikramaditya holds dear. And into this shadow steps Indra, bearing an old grudge – and a devastating new weapon.

How much longer before the Guardians of the Halahala finally fall apart?

About the Author

Shatrujeet Nath is the creator of the runaway national bestseller series Vikramaditya Veergatha, a four-book mytho-fantasy arc which includes The Guardians of the Halahala, The Conspiracy at Meru and The Vengeance of Indra. Described as “a new face to Indian mythology” by DNA, Shatrujeet writes for movies and web shows as well. He is also the author of The Karachi Deception, an Indo-Pak spy thriller.


I have been waiting for this for the longest! Since the time I had finished reading Book 1 & Book 2 of the series, anticipation was killing me to know what happens next. And I was in for some treat!

With a gorgeous cover, an intricate storyline, unforgettable characters and captivating narrative, this book adds on to the excitement of know what's next.The best thing about author Shatrujeet Nath is his inimitable style of weaving a complex web of plots/ sub-plots and revealing each one of them so beautifully that the reader is left spellbound. Usually in series, it is natural for a reader to have a soft corner for the second book due to various reasons. However this is one series where I am sure the reader will have difficulty in choosing which is a favourite out of these. For each and every part has done brilliant justice not only to the plot, but also to the characters and the narrative. It is impressive to note that none of the scenes feel forced, each one it plays an important role in taking the story forward and hence makes it an engrossing read.

The detailing in some of the scenes is mind-boggling to an extent that I was holding my breath out of sheer nervous excitement. The author has done immense research behind it and all that surely shows in his writing. There is not a single loop hole in the plot so far or in the story. All the ends are connected in a manner that leaves a reader feeling satisfied, of having read a wonderful book.Like I have always said, I enjoy reading the author more so because he keeps it simple. His books don't have too much of information for a reader to process. With lucid language and a fluid prose, he eloquently takes the reader through the mystical world created by him. Though it is always debatable whether the amount of action/adventure scenes in this book were seemingly lesser than the previous one, this book is equally exciting nevertheless.

I have started re-reading the first part now, after having finished this book just for pure joy and the thrill of discovering something new and believe me, it is as enthralling as the first time. Some books work like charm, they not only magically capture you in their world but also make you sure you loose track of reality. This is one such book.

Strongly recommended to all fantasy fiction lovers! If you haven't read the series yet, it is never too late to start.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Junnu - simple in looks, but heavenly in taste!

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