Book Review: Rebound by Sanil Sachar


ISBN: 978-8129148438

Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 200/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book

We're all one step away from schizophrenia.

Rebound is the journey of a schizophrenic who breaks free from the clutches of a trapped existence, only to find himself back in the same world.

Abhimanyu grows up in the make-believe world of a circus, where masked faces and painted expressions are his constant companions. Brought up by his uncle, the owner of the circus, Abhimanyu is fed with lies and surrounded by deception. His uncle not only lords over the young man's life but is also happy to sacrifice Abhimanyu at the altar of greed and ambition. Finally, Abhimanyu musters the courage to escape the only place he can call home. Now he is in a world he knows nothing about-free yet completely lost.

As he comes to terms with his freedom, Rose comes into his life. She gives him a reason to dream again. But love comes at a price. Rose is a circus entertainer and a life with her means going back to the world he loathed. Being with the woman who provides him hope would also mean confronting the demons within Abhimanyu, as well as outside.

A tale of love, loss and longing, Rebound is also a young man's relentless pursuit to uncover delusions and seek reality.

How does it end?

It doesn't.
About the Author

Sanil Sachar is an entrepreneur, a movie producer and a motivational speaker. His books-Summer Promises and The Dark Side of Light-received widespread acclaim at various literary festivals in India and were reviewed extensively by leading newspapers and magazines..

The blurb of the book haunted me for long till I finally received the book. Especially the last line, it never ends. Schizophrenia is something I have read about extensively, more out of curiosity than anything else after reading Parveen Babi's life story. It continues to amaze me how powerful and at the same vulnerable is human mind.

Coming to the book, this is my first book by the author. And after reading this one, I am really keen on reading his other works. I would like to take the liberty of calling this book, a courageous book both for the author and the reader. As a writer it is very important to not allow personal perceptions override the facts while writing about something based on personal experiences. And trust me when I say, it is a very tight rope walk. Of having that urge to bring it all out and yet maintain a certain detachment with your work. That is why I call it a brave book. The stories, experiences and incidents that have come together to form the plot for this book make it a very engaging read. When writing about such sensitive subjects it is highly possible that the writing might lean more towards the emotional aspects turning the book into an emotional read. But kudos to the author for managing to steer away from cliches and still giving us a book which is sensitive and at the same time, sensible.

Few days ago, while reading the final conclusion of this book a strange question came to my mind which I shared on my social media handles. It was, "What is more difficult? A battle with the outside world or the one you are fighting inside within your heart and soul." The unanimous answer was the latter. Those enemies are not even visible to a naked eye and we still keep fighting with them to survive each day. This book tells us the story of one such fighter, Abhimanyu and his life. The upheavals of his life are one that gave me shivers at many portions. One such point was this question.

Despite being in 2017, mental health is still considered a taboo subject where people are uneasy talking about it, leave alone accepting it if they are ailing. At such times, this book comes across as a strong reminder of what a person undergoes while battling with mental health issues. The language has been kept very simple, which is a need as the subject of the book is heavy enough to keep a reader reeling for hours after finishing the book. I would urge each and every person to read this book. It will help you become more sensitive towards mental health patients and also give you the strength to accept it in case you are suffering from one.

Full of food for thought, this book makes a brilliant read. Strong, sensitive and heart touching, this is a highly recommended book for one and all.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Zunka - very basic and traditional yet replete with flavours that will boggle your mind.

Source: Archana's Kitchen


  1. This seems an intriguing read. Feel like reading this. I have just received Invisible Ties & One Enduring Lesson by the publisher. Looking forward. Nice review, Namrata.

    1. It is a very well written book. :)

      I loved Invisible ties as well.I haven't read the other one.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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