Book Review: Navigating India- $18 Trillion Opportunity by Bharat Joshi


ISBN: 978-8129147547

Genre: Non-Fiction / India / Business / Economics

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 294/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
Behind the Book

Navigating India is a non-preachy, non-prescriptive and unbiased account of the possibilities that define India amidst magnificent paradoxes. It provides an experiential compass through first-hand accounts and insights from some of India’s most respected names in business, public governance, diplomacy and intelligentsia. It lucidly explains the frequent and vital intersections between the government and business, culture and modernity, demographics and democracy—all of which are vital to understanding India. The book postulates the heights India might reach by harnessing technology and with a collaborative political, regulatory and business response to the rapidly evolving needs and aspirations of young, impatient Indians. Bharat Joshi offers a candid, accessible and objective guide to a complex, albeit compelling, economy.

About the Author

Bharat Joshi is the CEO of JCurve Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Prior to founding JCurve, Bharat has worked and trained with leading multinational and Indian companies in Malaysia, Denmark and India. He regularly writes for various print and online publications, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN IBN and Economic Times, and is visiting faculty at Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. He lives in New Delhi, India.

The Book Elf thinks

When I was approached by the author for a review, I was a bit skeptical thinking what new can someone say on this topic but at the same time it made me curious for I was keen to know his thoughts. I wanted to understand how his experiences made him believe we were a $18 trillion opportunity and where was it getting lost.

I read this book at my own pace more so because when it comes to numbers and data, I tend to ponder over them for long trying to derive at my own conclusions. Being an investment banker myself, my mind automatically shifts gears every time I read such a book and out comes the ex-analyst who remembers every news article read in the recent times pertaining to this topic. In a way it definitely makes the book reading a very exciting experience but at the time it takes a bit longer than usual to finish a book.

Let's start with what I like about this book. I liked the way various case studies were brought together to make a point. The way certain terms were explained in detail for a reader to connect with the core issue was also commendable. This definitely shows the effort gone behind the book by the author. The research and of course needless to add the analysis that would have lead to this book.

Looking at the analytics there is no two ways about the point the author is trying to make. We are indeed a $ 18 Trillion opportunity. So the immediate next question is what makes us not encash that potential? And that is where we come to the point of what I dislike about this book. I didn't like the way issues were highlighted of what led to the non-functionality or failure of certain companies without discussing in detail the exact causes at length.

However, having said that the book is accurate in its data and figures. It also does an exemplary work of drawing your attention to the burning issues of our country which seldom make it to the front page news but are damaging to the country nevertheless. I like the way the author covers every aspect of our country in his analysis starting from cultural aspects to economic aspects because at the end of the day we are an emotion driven economy. Death of a CEO of a company makes us sell those shares, we believe in a person more than an idea, trust triumphs logic in most cases and that is how the society has been surviving so far. In the hindsight it might look ideal to move ahead, but unfortunately it isn't. And that is exactly what this book talks about. Moving ahead, with all our strengths so that we can make the most of the opportunities that lay before us. In many places it serves as an eye opener to know about our country so much in detail.

Overall, a strongly recommended book. Read this to know India more closely, and also to understand what can make it better than what it is currently.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Apple & Elderflower flavoured tea- A tinge of sour mixed with a pinch of wilderness, one that opens up your clamming insides and soothes your mind.

Source: Whittard of Chelsea