Book Review: A Kind of Woman by Helen Burko

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He is married to the Devil, but can he be her advocate?

Jacob Barder, a successful New York attorney, returns home to New York after being trapped in Europe during the Second World War and miraculously surviving the Holocaust. Barder does not return alone: with him is his new wife, Rachel, a beautiful blonde woman whom he met in Warsaw shortly after the war - a Jewish survivor who lost her entire family and remained alone in the world. Jacob fell in love with her and brought her to the states. Now he will defend her in the biggest battle of her life. A Jewish lawyer’s wife is accused of committing Nazi war crimes

One evening, in a Broadway theater, Rachel is attacked by a woman who accuses her of being Matilda Krause - a German SS officer who served at the Nazi concentration camps. Rachel’s arrest and police investigation open the way to a sensational trial that will be written in the pages of history. With no one willing to protect a Nazi officer, Barder decides to defend his wife himself. Why would a Jewish survivor speak for a Nazi in the court of law? Barder is called to make an impossible case in the name of his beloved wife, and that of humanity altogether. The jury, the judge, and the readers will be astounded by what he has to say.

Behind the Book
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About the Author

HELEN BURKO is well known to the reading public in Israel through the 20 novels she wrote. Her books are still in great demand - although she passed away some years ago. Some of them had already been translated into German, Russian, and soon English.

Novels such as A KIND OF WOMAN, BRIDGE TO LOVE, WILD AS THE WIND, THE DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM, and MUMMY, THEY ALL DO IT… are only a few from her extensive repertoire.
She is admired by young and old alike. Her novels are vehicles for her personal philosophy of humanism and insight.

HELEN BURKO was born in Western Ukraine. At the outbreak of World War II and the Nazi invasion of Eastern Europe, she was captured by the Germans and succeeded to escape from death in a concentration camp to the woods of Poland, where she joined the Partisans.
Her turbulent life is an unbelievable story for itself.
In the woods, she became a Partisan fighter against the German Nazi army. Her bravery brought her to become one of the most decorated female snipers in her battalion.

Her story will soon become an American international movie. [Wild as the Wind] After the war, she came to the newborn Israel and continued her writing with much success. For her work – she received a presidential award on behalf of her best sellers, which portray characters and gripping stories - abroad and in Israel. A KIND OF WOMAN is one of them.

Me thinks

This book tells a tale of a survivor who has witnessed the World War at close quarters and still held onto life deciding to start afresh only to have newer complications plague her life yet again challenging her beyond limits. I enjoyed the way the author has brought out the destruction caused by war and its aftermath, there were many scenes where I had goosebumps reading her description.

The plot is intense, raw and gripping. It is not possible to have one dull moment in the book with so much action happening all the time. However having said that, there are few chapters where the narrative nosedives making it dreary and dull but it picks up quickly and there is no looking back thereafter.The characters are well defined though they are not powerful enough to leave a mark on the reader's mind throughout the book. The suspense is very well woven. When the author connects the dots in the climax it is literally like a WOW moment as suddenly a lot of things begin to make sense.

Overall a book I enjoyed and would recommend to all history lovers!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like a hot egg burrito - crispy, crunchy and mouthwatering.
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