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2017 - The year that was

Cover Reveal ~ The Vengeance of Indra (Vikramaditya Veergatha #3) by Shatrujeet Nath

Book Review: The Spectacular Miss by Sonia Bahl

Book Review: The Lucknow Cookbook by Chand Sur and Sunita Kohli

Book Review: The Indigo Sun by Rupa Bhullar

Book Review: The Bengalis- A Portrait of a Community by Sudeep Chakravarti

Book Review: Prithviraj Chauhan - The Emperor of Hearts by Anuja Chandramouli

Book Review: Rani Padmavati - The Burning Queen by Anuja Chandramouli

Book Review: Kartikeya The Destroyer's Son by Anuja Chandramouli

Guest Post: A Letter to all Aspiring Writers by Leonora Meriel

Book Review: Coffee and Ordinary Life by Mitali Meelan

Book Review: Pawan - The Flying Accountant by Sorabh Pant

Recommended Reads : Across the Border

Book Review: A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy

Behind the Book: Leonara Meriel

In my mailbox

Book Review: Feast - With a Taste of Amir Khusro by Bisma Tirmizi

Book Review: The Goat Thief by Perumal Murugan

Recommended Reads: Non-fiction November 2017

Guest Post: The Pain of Loss by Pankaj Giri

Book Review: Ravana Leela by Radha Viswanath

Book Review: The Buddha of the Brothel by Kris Advaya

Behind the Book : Radha Vishwanath

Book Review: The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri

Book Review: An Awfully BIG Adventure by Aniesha Brahma

Book Review: Autopilot: The Art & Science of Doing Nothing by Andrew Smart

Book Mail!

Book Review: Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

Book Review : Mad Country by Samrat Upadhyay

Behind the Book : Nadya A R

November Reads

Book Review: Aaru (The Aaru Cycle Book 1) by David Meredith

Book Review: ...Because Words Matter by Kailash Satyarthi

Book Review: Corporate Avatars by Disha

Book Review: The Woman Behind the Waterfall by Leonora Meriel

Bookmarked Weekend # 5

Book Review: Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume

Book Review: CANCER PREVENTION (Essential Spices and Herbs Book 4) by Joseph Veebe

Book Review: Harnesssing The Windmills Of The Mind by Abraham Thomas

Book Review: Curried Cultures- Indian Food in the Age of Globalization by Krishnendu Ray and Tulasi Srinivas

Book Review: No Mud, No Lotus - The Art of Transforming Suffering by Thich Nhat Hanh

Bookmarked Weekend # 4

October Reads

Book Review: Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

Book Review: The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas

Book Review: The Elephant Chaser's Daughter by Shilpa Raj

Bookmarked Weekend # 3

Book Review: Charlatans by Robin Cook

Book Review: Invisible Ties by Nadya A R

Bookmarked Weekend # 2

Book Review: Rebound by Sanil Sachar

Trip With me

Book Review: Navigating India- $18 Trillion Opportunity by Bharat Joshi