Book Review: Korian and Lucy: A Cult of the Cat Short Story (Cult of the Cat 0.6) by Zoe Kalo

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It’s January on the Island of Cats and Lucy is secretly pregnant. Her love for Korian is as invincible as ever. Together, they experience the magic of their baby’s movement for the first time.

But the raging Marmara waters and stormy skies match the turbulent state of Lucy’s soul. Isis continues to haunt her dreams. Her aunt’s new ruby ring sends a chill of suspicion up her spine. Scorpions crawl on the edge of her mind… Could Korian be right? Was her aunt involved in his mother’s death?

When Lucy is forced to reveal her pregnancy, she discovers she’s not the only one with news, for her mother and her aunt both have astonishing revelations of their own…

In a world that wants to pull them apart, Korian and Lucy must do everything in their power to stay together.

NOTE TO READERS: "Korian and Lucy: Part II" is NOT a novel. It is a companion short story (about 9,000 words) to Daughter of the Sun (Cult of the Cat Book 1). It is meant to be read AFTER Daughter of the Sun and "Korian and Lucy Part I," otherwise you won't get the full meaning or references to characters.

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Behind the Book

About the Author
A certified bookworm, Zoe Kalo has always been obsessed with books and reading. Reading led to writing—compulsively. No surprise that at 16, she wrote her first novel, which her classmates read and passed around secretly. The pleasure of writing and sharing her fantasy worlds has stayed with her, so now she wants to pass her stories to you with no secrecy—but with lots of mystery…

A daughter of adventurous expats, she’s had the good fortune of living on 3 continents, learning 4 languages, and experiencing a multicultural life. Currently, she’s working on a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature, which she balances between writing, taking care of her clowder of cats, and searching for the perfect bottle of pinot noir.

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Me thinks

Zoe Kalo, like I have said previously in all my reviews (In case you missed them you can read them HERE) has a knack of bringing her imagination to life in a manner that it becomes believable. For all the time I was reading her books I have breathed her world, the universe she has created for her characters so painstakingly with intricate details and woven a story around them all.

After reading the previous parts, this book makes a lot more sense. It would not be wrong to say that this book throws more light on the character of Lucy and makes the reader warm up a bit more towards her. On the other hand however it is always debatable how important is this installment going to be to the whole franchise and for that we would need to wait for the third part in the series to come.

Having read quite a few of her works till now I am very sure the author had a very specific intent with this book and that was to highlight quite a few traits of Lucy before taking forward her story in the next installment.  Her mother, is also projected in a newer light. Though there are portions which do sound like precise of some paragraphs of the previous pieces, this one still is an enjoyable read.

A perfectly enjoyable read intact with the usual excitement, twists and turns so typical of the author. Recommended before the release of the third part so that you are not missing out on anything.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Kaju Masala Curry - crunchy and delicious it is tasty in every word (read: bite)



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