Book Review: A thousand times over by Sudhanshu Bisen

  • ISBN: 9788175993976
  • Genre: Fiction / Romance / Mystery
  • Publishers: Fingerprint
  • Price: Rs.183/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
Who doesn’t promise to love the love of their life forever?
But how many actually live up to that promise?

Nishith Singh, a seventeen-year-old, has shared everything with the virtual world—from the pain of losing his father and being blamed for it to falling in love at first sight and being rejected. But nonetheless, he hasn’t given up on his love.

When Aahana Basu, a quintessential wife and a loving mother, comes across his blog, she is drawn deeply into his world, much to her own surprise. But when she wakes up to the sudden absence of the recurring dream the next morning, a dream she sees almost every night, and which ends at the very same point, she is left nonplussed. Are the two connected?

As Aahana finds herself falling for Nishith, she realises there’s much more to things than she sees. From coming across strangers calling out her name and greeting her to feeling an inexplicable connection with a town she visits for the first time, she is left bewildered.

Will Aahana be able to connect the dots and piece together the puzzle?

A spine-chilling tale of selfless love, A Thousand Times Over will not only make you fall in love with love but will also leave you with the desire to live up to the promises you’ve made to your beloved.
Behind the book
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About the Author

Sudhanshu Bisen is a sports journalist by profession. Born in Nagpur, India, he travelled to places for his education, including Cardiff University, U.K., from where he did a Masters in International Journalism. His profession has allowed him to cover some of the greatest sporting extravaganzas around the globe. He is also a recipient of the ‘Best Young Journalist’ award. A Thousand Times Over is his first step into the fascinating world of being a writer. He believes in the power of love, and dreams about scripting breathtaking stories of selfless love.

Me thinks

Being a hopeless romantic at heart this book was captivating from the cover itself. Added to it the mysterious blurb which magnified the impact of the whole thing. I am a sucker for eternal love stories with happy endings and this for me felt like one.

Sadly the impact of the gorgeous cover and the perfect blurb didn't stay long after I started reading the book. If there is one word I can use then it would perhaps be disappointed. The author has surely tried writing something different than the usual love stories and added some mystery to the usual romance genre. But when within the first 50 pages you are able to guess the ending then your spirits are surely dampened.

Let's talk about what worked for me first. Apart from the cover and blurb, the over all packaging of the book was superb including the flawless editing. That is something I always associate with this publishing house! Also his writing does have the power to move you, which speaks a lot for the author.

It is the plot which didn't work for me. Having been a blogger for last 5 years I could relate a lot to someone reading a blog and wanting to meet the writer of the blog. It happens for real and hence I was glad I was going to read something so plausible. But the events after that were something which I found difficult to comprehend. For one I am strongly against women who decide to stay in marriages for the sake of children. Having said that it is completely a personal stand and hence this book in all probability could click with a lot. I somehow feel the plot could have been much stronger. Apart from that the narration, the dialogues and the presentation of the story is lucid. For a debutant he has done a stellar job therein with the simple language that has profound effect on the reader.

Recommended as a one time read, a perfect companion for a lazy weekend afternoon when you are wondering what to do!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Waldorf Salad - a light eat (read) with a varied combination of things (romance, mystery, thriller etc)

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