Behind the Book : Aniesha Brahma

Today we have Aniesha Brahma with us talking about her love for the written word and all other things close to her heart.

Aniesha Brahma is an author who realized her passion for writing at the tender age of six. She also happens to be the social media manager for BEE Books. Her debut novel, The Secret Proposal (2012) was published by General Press and was followed by When Our Worlds Collide (2015) by the same. She blogs at: and runs an online magazine, BUZZ Magazine. She can be contacted at: She lives in Kolkata with her family and her five super adorable cats!

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1. Welcome to reviews and musings. Tell us about that defining moment when you decided be an author.

​Hello! Thank you for having me on Reviews and Musings. Well, it's not secret that I wanted to be a writer since I was six years old. Staring at me name written in someone's handwriting in orange ink, when I was tiny was what had made stiffened my resolved I guess. :) ​

2. Your stories deal with love, relationships, friendship and such tender things of life. What is the message you want to give to your readers through your work?

Through my stories I am trying to tell my readers that no one is broken enough to never be whole again. That there is no such thing as a hopeless situation. It will be alright in the end, and it's not okay - it really is not where the story ends. ​

3. Do we see you experimenting with genres? If yes which one would you like to try and why?

I like writing unconventional romances. But I since I hope to reach out to a wider range of audiences I'd like to try writing children's fiction. And for my YA/Na reader base, I'd love to write a crime thriller next. Let's see. :D ​
4. Your favourite author and their favourite work. Why do you like it?

​Ruskin Bond's Room on the Roof has been my favourite book and he is someone I love and respect. Mostly because it was his work that set me on the path for Indian writing in English. I love John Green and Meg Cabot too. ​I want to be able to write stories and characters that my readers don't ever forget. That my words speak to them in times of distress. That the characters are people my readers can relate with and get through whatever might be troubling them!

5. In today's times when the fragility of relationships has gone from bad to worse what according to you is the reason behind it all?

​You know what's the trouble with this generation? They throw away things when it doesn't work anymore. They do the same thing to people too. When a relationship reaches a point which is a big challenge, their first instinct is to give up. No one wants to work through things. It is not a question of who has sacrificed how much for the other person, you know. But more about working through whatever issues they might be going through. I know this is easy to say and point out...but too few of us actually have the patience to sort things out. We live chaotic lives too. And maybe that adds to the trouble.​

6. Your books have always had very strong female characters. Any specific reason behind it?

​The first book had a stereotypical damsel in distress who most people hated though. The others have been strong female characters because when I was growing up, the strongest influences I had were my mother and sister who are both amazing women themselves. It never occurred to me that women should be depicted as meek or submissive. I know I am quiet but I am in no way weak. The strength comes out when it needs to. ​

7. The stories are always high on emotions. Do you experience highs and lows as your write it? If yes how do you stay neutral and keep writing?

​Oh, I do. You know I read an advice that once said that if you don't feel what your characters are feeling when you write it, your readers won't be able to connect with it either. So you cannot really write an emotionally charged scene when you're high on happiness. I experience terrible mood swings when I am writing and the people closest to me bear the brunt of it. I have cried while I wrote scenes where my character's heart gets broken into a million pieces and she doesn't feel she would ever feel okay again. I just go wherever the words take me. I haven't tried to fight feeling what I do when I write. :) ​

8. How different is Aniesha the writer from Aniesha the person in real life?

​Aniesha the writer spaces out in crowded parties, doesn't answer her phone or replies to text messages. She lives in another world where stories in her head comes alive. She could actually be borderline insane.
On the other hand, Aniesha the person is a wonderful friend to have. Always there when needed, very dependable, always finding something good in life to hold on to. She loves quoting quotes and she swears that there are things such as reckless miracles. And she's forever looking to fall madly in love and ride off into the sunset, into her own little happily ever after. ​

9. Any tips for aspiring writers.

​Read a lot of books. And write. And keep writing. Don't stop thinking you're not good enough and do not ever cower under the excuse of a writer's block. Power through it. Make writing schedules and stick to them. The only way you're ever going to be a writer is if are actually writing! ​

10. Any message for your readers.

​Thank you for reading the stories I write. Thank you messaging me about how much you relate with the characters and how the stories seem like your own life. I love you people. You are what makes me want to write more. So much more! ​