Book Review: A SISTER TO HONOUR by Lucy Ferriss

  • ISBN: 9788175993983
  • Genre: Fiction / Drama
  • Publishers: Fingerprint
  • Price: Rs.299/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
Afia Satar is studious, modest, and devout. The young daughter of a landholding family in northern Pakistan, Afia has enrolled in an American college with the dream of returning to her country as a doctor. But when a photo surfaces online of Afia holding hands with an American boy, she is suddenly no longer safe—even from the family that cherishes her.

An ambitious athlete, Shahid Satar has been entrusted by his family to watch over Afia in this strange New England landscape. Having convinced their parents to allow his sister to come to the U.S., Shahid wants only to focus, right now, on the win over Harvard that could clinch a job for him in the United States. He never imagined he’d be ordered, instead, to cleanse family honour with his sister’s blood.
Behind the book


About the Author

Vivid, compelling, as ineluctable as a Greek tragedy." So writes Claire Messud (THE WOMAN UPSTAIRS) of Lucy Ferriss's forthcoming novel, A SISTER TO HONOR.

Born in St. Louis, Lucy has lived on both coasts, in the middle, and abroad. Her recent novel THE LOST DAUGHTER was a Book of the Month pick and a Barnes & Noble bestseller. Her memoir UNVEILING THE PROPHET was named Best Book of the Year by the St. Louis Riverfront Times; her collection LEAVING THE NEIGHBORHOOD won the Mid-List First Series Award. She lives with Don Moon in the Berkshires and in Connecticut, where she is Writer-in-Residence at Trinity College. She has two strong sons and abiding passions for music, politics, travel, tennis, and wilderness. To research A SISTER TO HONOR, she traveled to the northwest provinces of Pakistan and came to know its people, their hopes and their challenges both at home and in America.

Me thinks

Honour Killing is something very close to my heart for various reasons. One of the top most reasons for me to read this book apart from the fact that the publisher was Finger Print , a publishing house that for me is synonymous with quality in terms of books. Needless to add I wasn't disappointed with this one.The author has managed to get the entire feel of the book absolutely bang on. From the blurb to the first paragraph there is a sense of fear that grips you deep inside not letting go till the end or maybe even after that. The narrative is dark, gripping and pacy making your heart beat faster with every turning page.

The characters are so well crafted that you are connected instantaneously to them.She made Afia Satar come alive in those pages with her descriptions. I was travelling with her. To USA and then to Pakistan. I was feeling her fear, those tears and that smiles of joy... I was living it all. However I did feel at some point that the book could have been a bit shorter. Last few chapters felt unnecessary at one point. But when I finished it completely did I understand what the author wanted to do. She wanted a closure. She didn't want to give her readers a cliffhanger where we are left guessing what could have happened next. Here she gave us a definite picture of what happened in a manner that felt complete.Though the ending I had in mind was a cliff hanger and would have left the reader on a high it now does feel incomplete in the mind somewhere to think that the book would have ended there.

She talks about Pakistan and it's culture with so much beauty that you cannot help but admire the similarities we share with them as a country. Our beliefs have roots very much at the same place with theirs and that is perhaps why we connect so deeply to their stories because they feel like an extension of ours. Reading the lengths a woman goes to pursue her dreams and the price she has to pay for listening to her heart is touching and moving. With poignant descriptions this book makes for a very heart warming read.

Strongly recommended for every reader who loves deep, well researched and moving closer to life stories.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Veg Hyderabadi Biryani - a perfect amalgamation of a hundreds of flavours in a spoonful and yet has a rusty, earthy feel to it.

Source: Veg Recipes of India

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