Book Review: Aspire before you expire by Dr. Ujjwal Patni

  • ISIN:  978-8184958966
  • Genre: Non-Fiction / Self help
  • Publishers: Jaico Publishing House
  • Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
A world-class manual on why and how to pursue your dreams. Do you aspire to be successful in life? Do you work hard but rarely get the desired outcome? Do you fear your aspirations will expire before you realize them? In his book Aspire before You Expire, bestselling author Dr. Ujjwal Patni shares hard-hitting insights on topics like why people kill their aspirations, how to design your aspirations, mantras of image management, companionship scan, success habits and how to create an ecosystem to fulfill your aspirations.
Behind the book


About the Author

Dr. Patni is internationally famous for his training programs and he has prepared this book in his signature style, including many worksheets to provide a unique seminar-like experience.

Me thinks

I for one enjoy reading non fiction a lot. Be it self help or business and economics there is so much for learn from each one of them. This book is one such lesson which is very important for all of us. In today's times we all begin to exist rather than live. This is a reminder about how we need to learn how to live, and most importantly we need to aspire. We need to dream, strive to make them come true, believe in those dreams and also witness them come alive.

The book has been neatly divided into chapters which make it easy to understand and follow it. Like the blurb says it can easily be called a manual on how to achieve your dreams and it surely is powerful. From the language to the anecdotes to the methods suggested by the author all of them seem magical and act like a guide whenever you feel low or lost.

I really enjoyed reading the parts where the author talks about the major reasons on why we give up and couldn't help laughing at it. Yes it is true we have million reasons why we quit and when we listen to others reasons they all seem futile. Written with an intention of serving as a guide this book promises to be your companion as you embark on a journey of aspiring before expiring.

Recommended for all those people who are feeling lost and are looking for deeper meaning in life at this moment.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like stuffed bread pakoda - crispy, crunchy and delicious!



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