Book Review: The Failure Project -The Story Of Man's Greatest Fear by Anup Kochhar

  • Genre: Non Fiction / Self help / Inspirational
  • Publishers: Leadstart Publishing House
  • Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)

"Failure destroys lives. It damages confidence and crushes the spirit. Throughout our lives we endeavor to manage our thoughts, actions and results so as not to be branded as failures. However, despite our best intentions, life does have a way of throwing curve balls and surprising us. Things do not always go the way we planned or wished for. Failure happens. And it will continue to happen.

For most people failure is akin to a dreaded disease that must be prevented at any cost. Certainly it can never be admitted to. Failure is like fire – it has the power to singe or destroy completely. Few of us remember that failure can also be harnessed creatively. All that it requires is a different perspective.

What do we know of failure? More importantly, how much do we know about it? The first step to overcoming our inherent fear of failure is to know the enemy – inside and out. This amazing, comprehensive and compassionate book helps us understand the anatomy, psychology and management of failure – the greatest, and often the most secret, fear of Man.
Behind the book

Me thinks

Since childhood we have been taught to associate shame with failure and when we grow up we add embarrassment to it making it sound like some deadly lifetaking disease infected to the person who has failed. This book challenges to change it all. And succeeds to quite an extent.

In a very lucid manner with nice detailed explanations the author goes ahead to explain to us how failure is not the end of the world and how it simply means we need to try harder. I like the way the author has brought out examples of how failure is all about a perspective. Like it is said, "You didn't fail, you found out different ways of what didn't work and that is a enough!" The author's whole book revolves around this concept and adds on to it making a reader feel how failure is nothing to be ashamed of.

When in the blurb he asks what do you know about failure I somehow agreed with him there. Yes there is very little we know about it except that it is considered to be a bad thing. We never treated it with the respect we give to other emotions and allowed it to heal within our system. Like he said the challenge was to know the enemy inside out to ensure it is beaten hands down, he ensures by the time we are done with the book we know failure so well that we are confident of winning against it. If not, we can atleast embrace it and accept its existence which makes a lot of things easier for us. His tone is compassionate and understanding making it very heart warming to read this whole book.

I would recommend this book, because the author's research speaks volumes. The book is a wonderful handbook on failure, a rarity I have come across.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like sandwich pizza - crunchy and spicy!