Book Review : Jamba -The Joint Family by Sriram Balasubramanian

  • ISIN: 978-8193136065
  • Genre: Fiction / Indian Writing
  • Publishers: Read Out Loud Publishing LLP
  • Price: Rs. 249/- (I got this book from the b00k r3vi3w for a review)
In an age when families are becoming more nuclear, Karthik's family was an aberration: It was a large joint family with its own complications, contradictions and commonalities. Two love stories and a wedding get intertwined within the family at the same time. One of them could make or break the joint family, will the family survive? Will the love story succeed? Will the younger generation respond to the needs of the family? How will the older generation respond to the changing perceptions of the younger generation? Will the family eco-system survive?

In an India swamped by globalization, this racy and humorous story tries to dissect the generational changes in Indian society and how the Indian society is responding to the changes.

Behind the book

About the author  

Sriram Balasubramanian is a Writer who has contributed extensively to international publications such as NYT, WSJ, Foreign Policy, Forbes India, and The Hindu among others. He has interacted with a variety of global business leaders and policy makers in his experience as a journalist and writer. His main area of focus has been on human development, education and socio-economic issues with a global context.

Besides this, he has a Master’s Degree from University of Southern California and is pursuing another degree at Columbia University in NYC. He is also authoring another book on the World Chess championship which was held recently. He is very passionate about India, its cultural ethos & socio-economic evolution. He can be reached at Twitter | Facebook | Website 

Me thinks

For this book what instantly hooked me was the blurb. I am in love with stories that have traditional Indian values at the core for they introduce me to newer aspects of my own society. The cover gives the reader an idea about what the book revolves around but somehow I feel it also takes away the core context. The book is not only about marriages. However the next thing that caught my attention was the fabulous typesetting. This book was a pleasure to read on kindle purely for the beautiful type setting it had with intricate patterns on the pages and the titling done in very fancy style. It was very soothing to the eye and at the same time set the tone for the book.

Though it is not known if the book is based on a true story but nevertheless the story is one that is bound to make you feel involved. I was laughing with the main character Karthik, cracking knuckles when he was tensed and breathed a sigh of relief when it was all sorted. There is one scene from the book clearly etched in my mind (No I am not telling which scene)and just the memory of it is enough to send me into a laughing fit. The author's descriptions and sense of humour is superb.Life is one big roller coaster ride and in this story the author just brings out the excitement of that ride in details. The story has multiple characters but the author has managed to do a successful job in ensuring you remember each of them. That is a truly commendable thing. 

Now coming to the things which didn't work for me - The title was somehow misleading according to me. Also the regular usage of Tamil in the story was important to ensure the local flavour but for people who are Non-Tamils and are reading it a glossary would have surely helped. Most importantly there were many typos and errors which made the reading bumpy. 

Surely a recommended read for its simple yet heart touching plot. This is one which will take you back to childhood and remind you of all those good-old days spent with grandparents, cousins and the whole family.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like mango jelly - the traditionally made one, that makes one nostalgic about everything from summer vacations to mangoes to the stories shared by Grandmothers and enjoyed best with cousins.
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