Book Review: Shades of Life - An anthology (Review Part 4- stories)


  • ISIN: 978-81-931666-5-9
  • Genre: Fiction/ Anthology
  • Publishers: Shades Publication
  • Price: Rs. 299/-

Life is a supernova of emotions, a multi-colored extravaganza and a celebration of colors that carve a way for us to be "expressive". These colors often vary from situation to situation. They may be vibrant, bright and attractive, or even bland and gloomy. Nevertheless, they invoke the soul from within and portray the various dimensions of life. Come and explore the various shades of life - from the lighter tones of friendship and love to the murkier hues of revenge and murder - of human beings, of how their personalities and their situations mould them into their real selves - in this anthology of prose and verse, from authors across the world, Shades of Life. 

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Behind The book

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7. The Last Dream by Jasmit Singh

The pain of losing a loved one beautifully encapsulated by the author in his words, this is a moving tale of dreams and desires. Heart touching narrative of a family consisting of a mother, a father and a darling daughter and how a single incident dismantles their very peace, this is a story of triumph of hope over despair and of love over hatred.

8. He who loved her by Maliny Mohan

This one is very close to my heart not because the author is a friend but because this is a brilliant piece of narration with the reader being on tender hooks till the last word. The twist in the last few lines is what makes this book the masterpiece that adorns this wonderful book. The author has weaved a tender tale of love with lot of emotions and managed to leave an unforgettable mark on a reader’s psyche with this story. Take a bow Maliny Mohan you have really announced your arrival with a bang!

9. Ameenah by Sulaiman Sait

A woman is unaware about her strength till being strong is the only option she has. Based on this idea this story highlights the sheer grit and determination of a woman. It goes on to show the reader till what extent can a woman go in order to survive with her head held high. Though the plot is cliché, the treatment by the author makes it a decent read as it makes you look around our society and question a lot of age old practices.

10. The Gulmohar by Rashmi Kurup

Yet another jewel in this crown! I love Gulmohar trees a lot because of their colour. But this story made me want to hug a Gulmohar tree like now. The most amazing personification story I have read in recent times the author has managed to pull it exceptionally well. I have read author’s previous works and know her to be a writer who writes straight from the heart but in this one she has put her soul which shines through every word making a reader just gasp in the end.

11. Wavering Hues by Anushree Basu

Till what extent can one go when you hate someone is what this story is all about. As children many times we do things unknowingly which have humongous repercussions. We might not be aware of them at that time, but later on as we witness its mammoth shape we are caught in a guilt trip. With a very simple story line, the author highlights what role jealousy plays in harming joyous relationships. The plot is unique and could have been dealt with a bit of more detailing at a lot of places nevertheless it still holds your attention for the newness it has in the story and in the end makes you go wow.

12. Life is worth waiting for by Shruti Mall 

The journey of an aspiring writer who goes through the ups and downs of life with a smile on her face this story is one that makes you look at how adversities in life actually turn you into something better than what you were before. For the first time I read a story which had a poem playing a very important role in it. The poem was ofcourse beautiful but I am kind of averse to using emoticons in writing especially in books. For me they are best left at social media. That was a huge turn off for me personally in this otherwise good read. The characters do tend to get confusing as there are no descriptions and somewhere the language tends to get a little cryptic, as the author chooses to leave a lot to the author’s imagination. It is the ending lines that clinch the deal for this one as that leaves you feeling motivated.

Foodie Verdict

 This book is like Rainbow cake as it has all the colours / flavours of love, mystery, thrill and suspense in it!



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