A gift of love ~ Aham Bhumika

If you read my blog regularly you might be aware about Aham Bhumika  but today I am here to tell you something more about it. Not very moons ago I was contemplating of gifting a few things to my loved ones on varied occassions ranging from birthdays to wedding anniversaries. And surprisingly I found my answer at Aham Bhumika. Because as I flipped through the various online gifting portals I couldn't find something that not only conveyed by feelings but also rendered a personal touch to it. At that moment a tweet by Aham Bhumika became the answer.

I chose this beautiful red and yellow bag for my Nani on her 60th wedding anniversary. My reasons were many. Primarily yellow and red are considered auspicious colours for a married woman moreover this particular design had 9 people embroidered and she had 8 grandchildren! I told her this denotes of all the good times we have had with her. And the tree, is the tree of her life. Standing tall at 75 years the tree is blooming with all the love and is richly laden with fruits of her labour today.

The most important reason I chose this bag is its light- weighted-ness. This ensured she could carry it easily with her bare minimum things like that of emergency medicines, water bottle, purse and glasses along with her without feeling bogged down by the sheer weight of the bag. She not only loved it but is flaunting it all around because it is that comfy! As she told me about the compliments she received for it I could sense the pride in her voice.She was gushing when she told me, "This is just perfect!" And my mom affirmed this for me when she added, " She hasn't let anyone else touch this one." For someone who hates using bags to do this was no mean feat!

This quilt was a wedding gift for a newly married friend who stays in Aligarh. Aligarh is known to grow very chilly in winters and I wanted her to have something that reminded her of the warmth we shared as friends.

This quilt which could be used both the sides was beautiful in its bright colours but also equally comfortable with its softness. It served the perfect purpose of gifting someone love and warmth. Needless to say, she loved it!

Ah! This lovely tote was for a dear friend and a fellow Gemini. I send it to her to celebrate our common bond. She loved its size at a glance as it is too handy and at the same can store all the basic things one needs to carry while on the go daily to work. 

She works as a teacher and felt this not only dignified her looks but also made her look classy! And yes I agree. Classy this bag is. The work on this is so intricate and done with such wonderful hands that you are bound to feel its beauty and no doubt you will be proud to flaunt it to one and all.

The best thing about all these gifts was the way they looked a labour of love for there were so many women working hard behind this. By buying gifts from Aham Bhumika you not only help those women earn a livelihood but also ensure your gifts have a touch of love in them. So what are you waiting for?