Book Review : Untamed (a part of Uncommon Bodies - an Anthology)


About the story: Wolf girl Leana Iyeroy, the first half breed in her family, only ever wanted to be 100% human. An unexpected encounter with the Hugging Saint of Bombay forces Leana to face the wolf inside her. A magic-realist, coming-of-age story, set in a near future when the human race is forced to mate with other species to survive.

Me Thinks: As you must have noticed by now I am huge fan of the Ruby Iyer series so when the author Laxmi Hariharan contacted me to review this story I was over the moon. Set in the Ruby Iyer world this story revolves around Leana Iyeroy.

I love the way the author plays around with words and the most amazing thing about her books is her vivid imagination which she manages to bring to paper and then through her words gives them life. You can actually feel yourself transported to the time when the story is actually happening and witness it for yourself. 

She has done a magical combination of myth, modern world and fantasy in a spectacular manner. The very fact that this story is set in India makes it all the more special for me, as it warms up my heart. If you were to ask what's that one thing that makes Leana so special, it has to be her vulnerability. The very possibility that she could exist around us or be any one of us for that matter in itself is a huge thrill for a reader. Like a typical teen she comes across as a moody individual who clearly knows what she wants but doesn't know what does she need to do in order to get it. 


If you are expecting a simple fantasy fiction then let me warn you this one is much more than that. This makes for a serious reading, one that will make you chuckle at a few places as you see the reality meet the imagination. And it is on this periphery that the author strikes gold! 

The beauty of short stories is in its length, the author with her amazing twist at the end has managed to retain that beauty making it crisp and at the same time ensured it is an entertaining read.

Surely a recommended read, for the sheer depth of the stories it holds. If the cover of the book doesn't make you want it then look again! 

Foodie Verdict:

This book is like Harry Potter's Fortescue Butter Beer Ice cream - with a huge serving of mystery and thrill mixed in it this one will make you drool!



  1. Thank you xxx you get me - you really do :)

    1. This is the best compliment I could ever receive... thank you so much :*


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