Book Review: Pixel Thoughts by Hussain Haideri

  • ISIN: 978-1-943851-14-0
  • Genre: Non-fiction / quotes / self-help
  • Publishers: White Falcon Publishing
  • Price: Rs. 199/- ( I got the book from the author for a review)
The virtual world we live in has given us the freedom and power to express everything without saying anything. The status messages we write on chat messengers and facebook are the manifestations of our inner voice which was waiting for all this time to be heard. Over the years based on numerous experiences, I have composed some of those messages and penned them down in this book. They are honest, blunt and straight from the heart. It's an attempt to bring them into existence in the physical world too.

Behind The book

About the author

Hussain Haideri is a computer engineer from Pune.

He is an entrepreneur , thinker, dreamer and an optimist . He works at Softronikx, a company founded by him his school friends. he is passionate about creating wealth, strong believer in following my dreams, he loves to make things happen and take paths which are calling to his heart, no matter how daunting they may seem to others. He is spiritual and believes in the un-seen divine forces of the Universe which are all around us to help us discover our cosmic journeys and define our purpose of existence.

Me thinks

I received an email from the author asking if I would be interested in reviewing this book. While I set out to explore the book, the name of the book clicked me somewhere. It stayed with me for long making me wonder what made the author name it like that. And when I saw the cover I knew I had to read it. It held a lot of questions for me to just let it go. 

The day I received the book I had had a long hectic day at work and yet I couldn't stop my customary habit of flipping through the pages just to glance through it. Needless to add I ended up not only reading it but also finishing it in less than 2 hours. It is a quick breezy read with some very noteworthy quotes on each page. I liked the observations made by the author on life , relationships and other things which are many times left unnoticed by all of us. 

I somehow love books of quotes like Paulo Coelho's Manual of the Warrior of Light. For me they hold a lot of answers, they show me way when I am lost and I can just open one page read that and keep it down without worrying what happened next. The bibliophile in me loves this sometimes for a change. It helps me unwind and that is what this book did too.

I enjoyed reading it and carried back a lot of lessons from it. Would recommend to you all for the sheer beauty of life the author has managed to capture in this. Wishing author all the best for his future endeavours, after such an amazing debut I am surely looking forward to his next excitedly! 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Til laddoos - Healthy, nutritious and delicious!


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