Book Review: Grow up Moon by Suditi Jindal

  • ISIN: 978-81-7869-348-4
  • Genre: Fiction / Drama
  • Publishers: SNAB
  • Price: Rs. 250/- ( I got the book from the PR agency for a review)

'Grow Up Moon!' traces the struggle and strife in the file of Moon who relocates after marriage. She confronts the delimmas of living in a city bustling with oppotunities that are the forbidden fruit for her enthusiastic and ambitious soul.

Behind The book

Source: Goodreads

About the author

Suditi has been writing since the age of eleven. Suditi has been a regular contributor to her school and college journals. She has written numerous poems, articles, essays both in Hindi and English. Suditi has been awarded by Hindi Academy, Delhi for her contribution to her school magazine through her writing.
Suditi has an exceptional academic record being the topper in CBSE Class XII, Panjab University and IGNOU. She has been a scholarship student throughout her academic career. She was also an NCC cadet, achiever in Mathematical Aptitude Test and as well a keen basket-ball player. Her exposure as the head in her school and college has shaped her well rounded personality and given her a vast reservoir of experiences to draw from. She is presently working as the Assistant Editor of Lawteller.

Me thinks

This is one book that had me confused and hence the choice of reading it. From the cover to the title to the story to the ending I was experiencing a huge confusion.

This book speaks about a lady and her struggles with marriage. Given the fact that majority of the Indian women face this there was nothing unique in offering in this book. Secondly the book cover was eons apart from the main topic of the book. What didn't work for me was the dull writing of the story with no characters standing out in the entire narration. Added to the fact that the story seemed very breezy, more like a soap opera. By the time I reached the end of the novel I was like What? It got over?Because I couldn't understand the ending perhaps. Not to forget some poorly edited portions and jarring typos.

What worked for me : The way this book is written, it might be enjoyed by a particular segment of the society especially by women who undergo these things daily. Moreover they might even get inspired and think of doing something about their own dreams and desires. This book might just help them think about themselves and take charge of their own lives.

Overall a decent one time read for me. 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like jangiri - dripping sweet!



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