Book Review: First Brush on the Canvas

  • ISIN: 978-93-84-3150-61
  • Genre: Fiction / Anthology
  • Publishers: Half Baked Beans
  • Price: Rs. 199/- ( I got the book from Writer's Melon for a review)
'Le Siffleur' and his magic. Vampires, guardians' adventures at night. Coffee, love and a new couple. Imli and her mother in a complex web of darkness. A small town girl confused about virginity. Michael Jaikishen and his writing endeavours. Child adoption by a gay couple. Mahabharat - a modern tale in an epic form. The spine-chilling tale of Tina and Uncle Joe. A juicy love story by our guest author Sujata Parashar. These and many other unputdownable stories in this book.

Behind The book

Me thinks

When you have a collection of stories written by fellow bloggers you are more than excited to read it. And so was I when I read about this book for the first time!

The cover though in isolation looks very pretty and soothing to the eyes, I personally believe that somewhere it might get lost in a bookshop failing to get noticed by the readers. It is not eye catching enough making me want to grab it the next moment and devour the stories within impatiently. I would have definitely loved a more exciting and happening cover, which also matches the quality of some of the stories inside.

To begin with I like the way each and every story is preceded by a relevant quote from a famous author with proper citations. It kind of sets the tone for a reader and also marks a level of expectation from them. Also,  a notable point is the way they are sorted genre-wise and present that way. It makes it easy for a reader to read them without having any nasty surprises in between. Also every story has a small 1-2 lines blurb in the index which is just perfect for you to judge

What works for me – Stories are from varied genres on themes which are so refreshingly different that as a reader you are in for a nice exciting ride. So you have vampires for company in one story while in another you have a gay couple trying to adopt a child, from a funny take on Mahabharata to the dark side of writing with its writer’s block. This book has everything to make it a perfect read.
Some of the stories were so good that I didn’t want them to end. I would want to mention them for every writer deserves applaud. Rafaa Dalvi, Uttiya Ray, Stuti Chandra, Arunav Choudhury to name a few are the authors whose stories I read more than once for the sheer beauty they had.

The joy of writing short stories in having close to 5000 words to play around and be done with while on the other hand the pain is to be able to bring out the beauty of the plot in just those many words. Almost each and every writer in this book has managed to conjure magic and bring out the beauty of their plots very well in these stories. Not a single dull moment in the anthology where you want to skip a story. I personally preferred jumping genres owing to my mood but if read in one flow also I am sure this book is equally exciting.

Over all an excellent read and yes great change from the anthologies that are flooding the market these days! 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like kala khatta gola - sweet, cooling and something that your parched throat (read mind) looks for on a hot sunny day (read :lazy weekend)