Book Review: Kalyug by R Sreeram

  • ISIN: 978-93-84030-65-0
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: Westland Books
  • Price: Rs. 395/- (I received the book for review from Writer’s Melon)
He looked at his gun once more. The helplessness left him, in its place was a hardened resolve that he would still have the final say. A third option. The middle-finger to the middlemen who had driven him to this. A few moments later, Major General Iqbal Qureshi fired the shot that shook the nations conscience.

The death of a decorated war veteran, one of India's foremost military officials, triggers a chain of events that threatens to spiral out of control. The democratically-elected government is overthrown and a new one is formed in its place.A fierce and pure regime that promises it's people the kind of governance they have been deprived of. Just. Fair. Unyielding. Operation Kalyug has begun.

Caught in the middle is Bala Murali Selvam, a writer who is still tormented by the memories of his persecution at the hands of the erstwhile-establishment. As the new government battles factions fighting for control, international intervention, personal agendas and incompatible motives, Selvam is swept along, a bewildered-pawn in a high-stakes game. Forced to question everything he has believed so far, even his innate sense of justice, Selvam struggles to choose sides. Will his instincts fail him when he needs them the most? 

Behind The book
Source: Goodreads

About the author

R. Sreeram is the quintessential Indian – loves cricket, spends a month’s salary on gadgets and is stubbornly opinionated. He’s written a few poems and short stories before Kalyug, and often threatens to pen a few more. In what he sees as an ironic twist of fate, he too has joined the engineer-turned-MBA-turnedwriter bandwagon that he once pooh-poohed. He lives in an undisclosed location with his wife and two imaginary dogs. He blogs on

Me thinks

Gripping and un-put-down-able are the first two words that come to my mind once I finish reading this book. As is customary the moment I receive a book for review I tend to flip a few pages to get a feel of it. And it is in very rare cases that I end up reading the whole book in that very sitting. THIS was one such rare case. A book that has a death scene in the first two pages, add to it the fact that it is a suicide is surely one that needs to be read like now!

For a debutant the author has done an amazing job from the first page to the last word each and everything is purely mesmerizing. Writing a suspense thriller, one has to ensure that there are no loose ends and that is where sometimes most of the debut authors fail for this is no mean feat. And that is where the author R Sreeram scores brownie points, what pace, what detailing and what flow of the narrative gripping till the very end.

It is not only a page turner or an edge of the seat thriller it has a lot of things that are food for thought, in the sense the reality of our country has been brought to our notice so brilliantly that it makes us wince at places due to their sheer ugliness.

All in all an outstanding debut by an author you should surely be looking out for.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Filter Kaapi - Refreshingly different!