Behind the Book: Rohit Agarwal

When an author writes a book, he must remember that it speaks volumes about him. Talking about one such book, Love, job or country, its author Rohit Agarwal has done a brilliant job in ensuring this. You can read my review on the same HERE.

Rohit Agarwal is a Marketing Professional, who works in the mid-management level in a Textile company based in Ahmedabad.His work experience of about 15 years is based mainly in Ahmedabad. He has travelled extensively within India and abroad in the line of duty. He is excited and moved with stories, as he is an avid reader. This is his debut book. He resides in Ahmedabad with his two kids and wife.

Lets hear him speak about things close to his heart :

1. Extending a warm welcome to you here,today we would be talking about your novel Love, Job or country. How does it feel to finally be a publisher author?

 It feels great to be a published author,A lot of hard work and sweat has gone into it.An equal or may be more effort is needed to get the book published after writing.Specially for new author like me.There were phases of complete disappointment but ultimately good story telling triumphed. 

2. About the moment when you felt you wanted to be a writer. Was it something you cherished since childhood as a dream?

I started thinking about it in my late 20s. I was pretty sure by than that I will write a book.

3. Your book reflects the extensive research that has gone behind it. What inspired you to take this up?

As it is said Truth is stranger than fiction .My inclination was to write a story which is logical and close to reality but still has thrills of a fiction.I wanted to make my story credible and that is why I went into extensive research and created events which can actually happen in real world scenario.

4. How was the concept for this story born as it is very unique in its nature?

The concept of story is based on a conspiracy theory.Though the actual events happened in a period of ten years , I compressed it in a period of six months.As I thought of possible reasons behind the events , the terrorist plot emerged and the whole story was born.

5. Was it kept different from the other books you get to see in the market intentionally from the marketing perspective to make it a USP?

Yes there are lot of books in the market talking about love life , college life or even the life at work.I wanted to keep it different .I wanted a love story and a thriller combined with a unique terrorist plot .Luckily it all came together so beautifully.I hope now that people appreciate it.

6. Does the story have few portions of the real life inspired from your life?

I think all writers take inspiration from real life .Same is with me.

7. If given a chance is there anything that you would like to change about this book?

There is nothing I can think of as of now. But definitely as further reviews will pour in , and my follies will be indicated , I will have some afterthoughts.

8. There is a strong sense of patriotism in your book. Your thoughts on the same.

I am an advocate of hardline approach towards terrorism .I can not fathom why successive Indian governments are so soft on cross border terrorists.We should not take so many attacks on our sovereignty lying down.We must reply back in their language.

9. Do we see you experimenting with genres?

I am really not clear about this question .But honestly , I never thought about genre when I started this book.I will write what interest me and appeal to me at that particular point of time.

10. We would like to know about any future projects you are currently working on.

There is another conspiracy theory idea waiting.Than I wish to write a story set during partition .And an academic book about history of textiles.

11. Some words for your readers.

I will greatly appreciate your comments on my story .I have tried to be as honest as possible with my writing .Now ball is in your court!


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