Book Review: Lost in Pattaya by Kishore Modak


ISIN: 9789381841228
• Genre: Fiction/ Drama
• Publishers: Grapevine India Publishers
• Price: Rs. 150/- (I got this book for review from the publisher)

It is every dad’s nightmare – his little girl goes missing.
For Palash, the sorrow compounds from the incessant replaying of the critical minutes when his ‘Daddy-eye’ faltered, distracted by his own weakness, substance abuse. The loss and the ensuing search sends him spiraling into a divorce and the loss of a steady corporate job. Scouring for his little girl in the brothels of Pattaya he is ensnared in the web of mafia that runs the sex trade of Thailand. When he eventually finds her, will he be able to build back a wasted lifetime, or, is it too late for rescue, for him and his child?
Behind The book

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About the author

Kishore Modak’s pursuits of education and corporate life aremoulded in large part by what most young Indians yearn after. Education took him first to NIT-K and then to IIM-Ahmedabad. In the IT industry, he has pursued a career in Marketing with IBM, Intel, INSEAD and Dell.
The writing and its inevitability, comes about from the experiences and the people that have enriched his times. The emergent tales, they had to find a vent in the writing, relieving pressure, helping him remain intact; because unwritten they will turn into thought cancers.

Me thinks

The blurb itself makes this book a truly read worthy. That is what made me apply to the contest held by the publishers. And finally I won the book.
The book begins on the note where the father loses his daughter in the red light area of Pattaya a living nightmare for any parent. The narration is so powerful I was held onto it till I finally finished it in few hours staying up the whole night to just know what, why, when and how.After finishing the book I felt as if I was back from a trip to Pattaya via Bangkok. Yes it was that excellently narrated that I travelled through those lanes of that city. This book is a perfect thriller set in a city which as enticing as scary it is.
The author has served a perfect mishmash of emotions, lust, love, greed, desire and feelings making it an un-put-downable read. The main character Palash is so very well articulated that you actually grow fond of him by the book ends. The best part about this book is it talks about a person who are not perfect, who make mistakes and that’s what makes them more relatable.
The cover page is very intriguing adding to the beauty of the story the book holds. A fabulous piece of fiction I would surely like to recommend to one and all for its impeccable narrative and pacy story line

Foodie Verdict

This book is like ├ęclairs pastry - crunchy, goey, delicious, tempting and unstoppable.

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