Explore. Dream. Discover

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
 Explore. Dream. Discover.”H. Jackson Brown Jr.

 Not very long ago I was a timid soul who was scared of dreaming for a very simple reason, I was scared of failure. I hated the fact "what if ". I never realised that "what-if" had the power of being interpreted both ways. I just stuck to one interpretation till one day one of my secret dreams came true. For a long time I stood gaping at it in awe wondering when did it leave the realms of my mind and turn into the lanes of reality. It's magnificent beauty left me speechless so much that I feel in love with dreams then and there. Since then I have never stopped dreaming.
That is when I realised how much had I lost till now in calculating what ifs rather than thinking about the what if not's. The stakes were surely higher on this side for the pain of not having tried at all was much more than the hurt of having tried and failed. That is when I fell in love with this quote and decided to make it my mantra -
Explore - Dream - Discover
Sharing with you some of my dreams, that of being an editor for a magazine and writing it's editor notes come true in the last few months. Hidden between them is the magical feeling one gets as dreams turn into reality:
Writer's Ezine -April 2014 Issue 

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“Dreams are the seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.” ~N

Not very long back Writer’s Ezine (WE) was a seed waiting to be nurtured and to bloom into a full-fledged reality from a dream that you are reading today. It is a moment of pride when dreams come true but it is a moment of joy when you see many dreams come true together through that one dream of yours. WE is one such dream whose coming true will ensure coming true of many other dreams too.
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 Writer's Ezine - May 2014 Issue 
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If there is a gift that one can give to our own self then it has to be this - Just Believe. ~N
At any point of time in life we are a dreamer, a believer, a doer or an achiever and it is these stages that come together to define us. When you dream there will be chances that people will laugh at them and that is when you need to believe. Once you believe you do all that you can to make that dream a reality and once it comes true is when you are an achiever.

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Writer's Ezine -June 2014 Issue 
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One thing that got reiterated by the recent election results in India it is one fact of life – Never give up. The world has witnessed the criticism that was bestowed upon Mr. Narendra Modi and the same world has witnessed the zeal with which he continued to stride ahead despite it all finally reaching where he is today.

Life is all about making a choice – to do or to not to do. But to un-do is never a choice. ~N
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P.S: Do keep reading the magazine for more such notes and other wonderful articles by various authors.


  1. Keep dreaming and exploring and discovering all that hidden potential in you! Congratulations for the success of WE, it is a wonderful magazine, I am enjoying reading the variety there. And may all your dreams come true :)

    1. Amen to your lovely words dear and thank you so much!


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