Behind the Book : Deepak Kripal

Today at Behind the Book we have Deepak Kripal, the author of The Devil's Gate : An Impossible Journey.

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1. A warm welcome to Reviews and Musings, a blogger for quite some time and now a published author. How does it feel?

Thank you dear, pleasure is all mine. Well, what do I say! It feels unreal! I love blogging and it was an intensely enriching experience, and being a published author is like a dream come true; as I said, unreal!

2. We would like to hear your foray into blogging, then towards writing stories and then of course making the big leap to becoming an author. Was it a dream which is now a reality?

Writing a book was a long cherished dream, though I didn't think it will happen this soon. I had planned it somewhere in my late thirties. And all the credit for this (my debut novel) goes to my blogging experience, and also to my fellow bloggers who always encouraged and praised my writing and imagination, and therefore, motivated me to get published. I have told you already, it was dream that has become real.

3. How helpful it was to have been a blogger before becoming an author?

Helpful would be a mild word to describe the value of blogging in this context. I would rather say it was critical. I learnt the nuances of writing (I am still learning) through my blog, and simultaneously, I also developed the much needed confidence in my own writing. So, as I said, it was critical. Blogging was my graduation in writing and this book is my exam. Hopefully, I'll do good!

4. Your debut book The Devil’s Gate – an impossible journey , tell us something about it. How was the idea for this born?

The idea for this book was born like most other ideas do; just like that! This idea that animals want to negotiate a deal with demons occurred to me absolutely out of nowhere. This idea thrilled me no end, and when it continued to thrill me for some time, I decided to pen it down. It is then I developed the story layer by layer over the course of four months. I had no instant plans to write a book till that time, but with this idea being born, I felt I should tell this to the world.

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5. Was fantasy always your favourite as a genre, something that you always wanted to write on?

I watch, read, write and love all the genres. I get excited by interesting plots and stories rather than genres. In fact, I had planned to write a drama based on real life as my debut novel, but when this innovative idea happened to me and my plans took little time to change!

6. If given a chance is there anything that you would like to change in your book? If yes, what and why? And if no, why?

See, if you are a creative person, you always feel you could have done this, or done that. But ultimately, you have to edit your ideas and give it a shape. I'll always have the thoughts that I could have done it some other way, but there is no point discussing it now since the work is already out, and also because there is no end to such thoughts. No matter how good you are, you can always improve!

7. When you talk about fantasy as a genre you limit yourself to a specific segment of readers for not all enjoy these books. But then the ones who do know what to expect. Having said that, do we see you experimenting with genres in your next books or you would still continue with the same?

I will always tell stories that will be exciting, unique and innovative, genre no bar! I am currently playing with 3-4 ideas of drama genre. I have some ideas of mystery thrillers as well. So yes, you will always see me experimenting (I did exactly that in my debut novel only!). For me, only criterion is that the story should be imaginative, engaging, innovative and unique, and it should touch you emotionally and intellectually as well. Genre is irrelevant!

8. Any future projects you would like to share with us here about. 

I am still playing with few ideas. Nothing is final as yet. So, you'll have to wait to know about that.

9. The Indian Publishing industry is going through a sea change in terms of the opportunities that are available these days for new writers. What are your views on it? Any particular challenges that you might remember from your attempts of getting published. 

Its good that writing opportunities are available to wider section of aspiring authors now. Its a positive change. My biggest challenge was the unusualness of my story, and six publishers rejected my script citing the reason that it did not fit into their publishing programme. But fortunately for me, Leadstart Publishing saw some merit in the story, and you know the rest!

10. What is that one advice you would like to give to all aspiring young writers of today?

Be patient! Take time in writing, refining and editing your story. Be patient while your manuscript gets rejected, for rejections are bound to be there no matter how good you think your script is. Publishers get hundreds of scripts every day, so rejection is a rule rather than exception in publishing industry. Patience is the key for everything. Don't lose heart, and stars will shine soon enough. My best wishes to all!

Thank you very much for your time and wish you all the best for all your future endeavours!