God, Man and the superstitious society(Guest Post) by Dr. Ajay Kansal

Since the time I have been interacting with the author of The Evolutions of God , Dr. Ajay Kansal I wanted ask to him his thoughts on this topic. Please read on a guest post by the author :

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Since time immemorial, humans have a basic instinct to look for the explanation or reason of every happening around them. Whenever they cannot find a rational reason for any event they invented their own explanation; this way they created some superstition about that. Superstitions are the non rational reasons humans conceived about the events that cannot be explained by reason or science.

During ancient times, humans faced several unexplained natural phenomena such as storm, eclipses, seasons, diseases, death, famines etc. They visualized several superhuman powers behind these and gradually these were designated as gods. Humans created many divine powers or gods with their unique power of imagination. Thus, the invention of gods was a universal superstition.

Today also, despite a revolutionary progress of science, humans have not come out of their superstitious instinct. Many people have created new superstitions; for example, drinking of milk by Ganesh idols or tears in the eyes of mother Marry. Apart from this, most of the Babas or demigods are fooling millions and running their huge business on the foundation of superstitious behavior of the masses. They are claiming to possess divine powers to solve any problem under the sun and people believe them too.


  1. All the Babas do not have a business base.Of course they may be surrounded by poshness,but many a charity work also is carried out.And numerous have-nots find their means for livelihood through them.Of course many fake ones take advantage also in the name of gods and superstitions. Useful post.


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