Book Review: The Crossover – Open Heart verses By Sunil Sandeep

  • ISBN – 9781482821024
  • Genre: Poetry Collection
  • Publishers: Partridge Publishers
  • Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book for review from

Through the verses in his first Book "THE CROSSOVER," Sunil brings out some of his inner thoughts, emotions, feelings and perspectives about what he feels about the current day world and the socio- psychic condition of the human race which has taken us far away from the shrine of inner tranquillity which resides in each one of us.
His spontaneous style of writing in simple words makes it easier to relate to, by people questioning the existing collective belief systems and working towards finding pathways to experience higher dimensions of life. Some of his perspectives on the fabric of life, and the way one can free oneself from the conditionings which are getting constantly accumulated in one's mind, have the power to change and alter the way one perceives the external and the internal world. It is evident that Sunil has been questioning, disseminating and understanding the various factors which act as the basic forces which orchestrate the evolution of existence both in the macrocosm and the microcosm.
This being his first attempt to put his thoughts onto the paper, his magical play of simple words to communicate some of his very profound insights in the form of verses, is quite commendable.
Behind The book

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About the author

The author is basically a visual artist. This is his first book. You can know more about him HERE.

Me thinks

It is said that poetry is a beautiful form of expression when everything else fails. This book added meaning to those lines. From the cover page to the inside designing to the verses everything about this book is simply WOW.

There were a few poems which grabbed my attention where they made me think, ponder on life as a whole and also to seek a lot of answers. Some of them I felt ended very abruptly where I was left to grasp its inner meaning in depth but overall an excellent attempt for a debutant. The flow, the emotions, the sentiments behind each and every word will make you drift along with them to an unknown land where the poet’s imagination is the only company you have.

I would like to see such works published by some renowned publishing houses as poetry deserves its due.

Foodie Verdict

This books is like kulfi - sweet and delicious.

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  1. really -- and kulfi is my favourite .. so i guess i will like the book :)



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