Book Review: While I was waiting by Jatin Kuberkar

ISBN – 978-93-83562-85-5
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltdc
Price: Rs. 125/- (P.S: I received the book from the author for a review)
Everyone in this world has to wait; be it waiting in a physical sense or be it waiting in a philosophical form. Waiting often results in remorse about the unchangeable past or anxiety about the indefinite future. While waiting can be all this, it can also be a silent, carefree dialogue with the self, a moment of oneness with the present, listening quietly to the stories of hidden existence, reading history from an invisible book of time, being an unasked judge to the oblivious characters as they perform on the stage called life and the list goes on... The world has many stories to tell and I have got all the time...because, I am waiting!
Behind The book
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About the author
Take an ounce full of imagination and a scoop of humour. Mix them well. Now put a few teaspoons of feelings and emotions and stir until it smells good. Put the mixture on the pallet of dreams and garnish it with a few peanuts of desires; that is all it takes to be Jatin Kuberkar. A software engineer by day and a passionate writer by night, Jatin wants to experiment with different genres. When not tangled in software codes, he writes poetry, short stories and essays. He is deeply interested in spirituality, philosophy and observing life as it turns into interesting ways. He lives in Hyderabad, surrounded by his friends and well-wishers. His family consists of his mother, wife (who happens to be his childhood love) and his son, Arya. Jatin can be reached at:

Me thinks
When I received an email from the author asking to review this book the first thing that caught my attention was the title of the book – While I was waiting. This surely felt like an intriguing name and after reading his blurb I said yes to the book.

Having forgotten about it when I received the book almost couple of days later I was smiling when I saw the cover page. To be honest I loved the cover page design – not too hi fi maybe, simplistic is many ways and yet it is striking. It makes you want to pick it up from a shelf and read it.

Story after story as I keep turning pages some of the few things I noticed:
• Simplicity
• Day to day life events narrated beautifully
• Lucid language that strikes a chord with the reader

The author has managed to retain the simplicity of the stories throughout the book and that is what makes it a good, light read. Though I felt some of them were abrupt, as I wanted to read more and the story just ended. That was the magic the author managed to create in few words. I would have loved it had the characters been a bit more defined in terms of their characters sketch making them more connectable apart from the length of few stories. The beauty of the book was there were no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors because of which it is a pure readers delight.

Over all a wonderful attempt for a debut author, there is a lot of potential in his writing is what all these stories convey. Recommended to people who enjoy light reads and some heart touching stories related to life.

Foodie Verdict
This book is like Imarti - gooelicious!
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