Book Review: Minds at Work-2 ( Anthology of poems by various authors)

ISBN – 9789383306060
Genre: Poetry
Publishers: First Step Publishing
Price: Rs. 180/- (P.S: I got this book from two wonderful poet friends – Thank you Janaki Nagaraj and Rohan Kachalia for this!)
An Anthology of poems. Literature and literary books are very hardto find these days but First Step Publishing has gathered some interestingtalent. This book had a tough time assembling writers selecting 25 Poets out ofthe 300+ entries received. The Selected writers truly deserve an applause andare deserving enough to be a part of Minds @ Work 2 . Poets coming from allwalks of life, Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Students, Homemakers, Previouslypublished poets and many to be published for the first time. Minds@Work is anannual

Behind The book

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Me thinks

I was 17 when my first poem was published in an international anthology and since then one thing that has always haunted me is the need to have more poetry enthusiasts in Indian literary world as well.
This book seemed more like an answer to my prayers as I turned page after page to read some mind blowing poems. And ofcourse the beauty is more when you see so many of your friends there.

I loved the way each and every author has tried to weave magic through their words. The only disappointment was the different fonts used on each page which made it a not-so-good read.

Over all the quality of poems supersedes everything else giving you a wonderful time as you drown yourself in those poetic musings.
Foodie Verdict

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This book is like icepop - juicy!