Book Review: Family Matters (Anthology) by Various Authors


Genre: Fiction / Anthology
Publishers: Nivasini Publishers
Price: Rs. 275/- (Note: I won the book in a Giveaway HERE!)

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About the Book:

Family matters individually, socially and politically. Our most important relationships begin, run their harmonious or inharmonious race and end in the family. They may explain our deepest feelings, wildest dreams, or most unsettling nightmares. In the final analysis, family relations often make or break our personalities, partnerships or careers. Literature in all its subjectivity can open up unique emotions as well as rational passages to the family affairs of different cultures, thus enabling us to understand ourselves and others much better. Hence we bring 48 pieces of poetry and prose on this subject from various countries.

About the Authors:
Authors and poets who are part of this anthology hail from nine different countries. From surgeons, , soldiers, columnists, poets, diplomats, to home makers, teachers, students, bloggers, students, we have people from different back ground who present their views on families and it’s influence.

Me thinks

Roshan Radhakrishnan is one blogger I admire a lot not only for his writing but also for his down to earth nature. I had come across this book on his page as one of his pieces has managed to get published in this. And having read his previously published works in Urban Shots and other various books I was tempted to read this one as well.

Call it luck I came across this wonderful blog HERE where they were hosting a giveaway on this book and I participated for the sheer beauty of the question. And YES! I won. I was more than ecstatic when I received the email asking me for my address and all.

But I was in for some more surprise. I received the book with a hand written letter by the publisher Ms. Nivedita. It was very touching and truly special to read that 2 paged letter where she thanked me for participating and how my entry had made the jury think.
A special thanks to you Ma'am for making me feel so special!

The book was way beyond my expectations or rather superseded it. The moment I held the book, its cover page design and quality took my breath away. The feel of the cover if it can be described in words I would say it was what family is to us - soft, tender and yet strong enough to withstand any storm that comes our way. Inside that beauty were 50 hearttouching poems and stories wrapped with all the love tenderly waiting for me to unleash the power within them.

Each story, each poem so carefully chosen that this book can easily be called a collector’s edition. A pure joy to have, to read and ofcourse to cherish! I have recommended this book so strongly to so many of my fellow readers that they asked me WHY and I just smiled and said Buy it to know WHY.
Hats off to the jury, to Nivasini for managing to string across such a wonderful book on a thing that binds us together for a lifetime- Our families!

A strongly recommended book for every reader for the beauty it brings along not only in terms of looks but also in the writing.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Chocolate Chip Cookies-  Yummy, crunchy, eternally amazing forever!
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  1. Happy, you liked the book....

  2. Thank you Namrata for the review! Liked the cookie touch.
    - Nivedita

    1. Pleasure Nivedita and yes thank you so much for this one :)

  3. Nice Review. Would like to add it my reading list. Also, nice blog.


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