Book Review: A cupful of Aha by Ananda


ISBN – 9788192816609
Genre: Novella / Non Fiction/ Inspirational
Publishers: Become
Price: Rs. 95/- (Note: I received a copy of book from Pooja Iyer [] and I would like to thank her for sending across such an amazing novel.)

"...Hello," I said, “Can’t say I've seen you around here before.” She smiled again…and my heart melted. “No, you haven’t,” she giggled. “For I have come especially to meet you today. I am Death, and it is time.”What happens when Death comes for you...and you start arguing over coffee ?... a quirky tale that offers a whole new perspective into one of life's deepest mysteries…

Behind The book

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About the author

The author is possibly the only double PhD (one in Applied Psychology, the other in Comparative Tribal Music) who has spent multiple stints in several rehabilitation centres for problems ranging from drug abuse, mental breakdown, and schizophrenia. He then spent 8 years roaming the remote regions of the Himalayas – living with goatherds and monks, and often going several months with not a word spoken. At ease with Prime Ministers and commoners alike; he has the unique ability to predict key events of your future just by looking at a photograph of your little finger. PS: None of the above is true. The author is just the average John (or Jani or Janardhan). Does not matter. The message is important; not the messenger.
( I know what you are thinking, the author had me completely by now, I knew I HAD to read this book)

Me thinks

The moment I saw the cover I was in love with this book. It has been done up so beautifully that it actually makes you want to grab it at the earliest. And my joy knew no bounds the day I received it for review. It was equally beautiful even as I held it in my hands.

When the blurb reads “Meeting death over coffee”you have certain image in terms of the story to be expected. You half expect a huge helping of gyan mixed with liberal doses of the meaning of life etc etc.

But before you conclude let me tell you the book is far far far far away from all of this. Rather just few pages and I was smiling all the way till the end. I simply loved this book for its beauty, the author has written wonderfully about a very sensitive topic and it surely is an enjoyable read. So much so that I carry it in my purse all along now, every day!

Highly recommend for the sheer joy it brings along.

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like Chocolate Truffle - Yummy, goey, melts in the mouth and reaches your heart... Unforgettable taste and irreplaceable feeling....!


  1. This sounds interesting and the book cover looks AHA! :)

    1. Oh yes you should try and read this one Tarang am sure you would love it as well!


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