Book Review: Karma Kurry by Jeroninio Almeida, Jyoti Nanda


· ISBN – 9788184954036

· Genre: Non- Fiction / Self help

· Publishers: Jaico Publishers

· Price: Rs. 200/- ( P.S: I got the book from the publisher for a review)

Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul is a decade-long journey of discovering soul-stirring narratives that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. “Together as One we can Right every Wrong”. In this energizing book the founders of the Joy of Giving, KarmaVeer, KarmaYuga and REX movements bring together enthralling life stories of Karmaveer award recipients.

We believe that every human has a hero within; a courageous, compassionate being who has the power to create a better, more humane world. The compelling stories in this book are of ordinary citizens who have unleashed the spirit within, with extraordinary consequences, radically changing society for the better. Their ideas for action and their stories will inspire you at a profound level. They are everyday women and men who have taken their defeats and adversities and turned them into laudable actions for transformation.

The list includes globally eminent names like Meera Sanyal, Michael Norton, Arun Maira, Bill Drayton and Kumi Naidoo as well as unsung heroes like Lakshman Singh, Thangsingh Chinkholal and many others. Irrespective of their field, these are people who have reached out beyond their own life to help others, to be and to lead the change by practicing Individual Social Responsibility. In Karma Kurry, their stories have been gathered to inspire all of us to recognize the power of one: our own power to be a champion of change, reinforce the positive in society and leave an imprint on the sands of time.

Behind The book

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About the author

Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) is the founder and driving force behind the International Confederation of NGOs. Jyoti Nanda is a teacher, special educator, author, editor and certified life coach.

Me thinks

Self help is a genre I have immensely enjoyed reading for various reasons. One because it makes me see what helped the other person change his/ her life and secondly it makes me look within me as to how will it help me to change my life or perhaps the way I see it.

I am staunch believer of Karma and its cycle. Having read almost all the religious books possible on this earth starting from Bhagvad Geeta, Quran, Bible, Granthsahab to the Holy testaments it has always made me wonder how does the Universe decide that it is the time for the karma to play it’s game. This book answered a lot of questions for me in a very unique manner.

It did not answer it directly to me in words but it did through by making them visible to me. This book felt like a curtain raiser on so many facts of life I have been ignorant about till now. The authors have managed to create a very different feel throughout the book not even for a moment letting the reader feel that it is self help book. It feels as if the authors know what’s troubling you and they make an attempt to answer those things for you. Over all an amazing read!

Strongly recommended read – Will make you re –think, re-access and re-look at your life completely!

Foodie Verdict

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 This book is like lentil soup - hot,piping, tasty and good for your health (A.K.A. Soul)


  1. Thank you for your kind review Namrata. Many Thanks. Jeroninio


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