Being a Womaniya!

As a child I used to adore my mom’s friends every time they come home. The cackling laughter, the infectious joy on their faces... some there since her childhood together in every step that they took.
I grew up dreaming of having such friends around me – my besties with whom I could be myself and share the dirtiest secret without a cringe. But somehow that never happened! I had friends who were more like “girls” and perhaps I wasn’t like one. Well to let you know am those types who when under trouble instead of shouting for HELP! Would actually beat the hell out of the trouble to make it whim HELP!!
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Somehow that distanced me from a lot of them every time. I would roll my eyes at everything they thought was cool and they did the same with me too! They hated that I was so tom boyish and could do things on my own and I hated that they couldn’t. To be honest to quite an extent I was avoided and bullied seemly for being too open and honest with my views and opinions. Sugar coating is something I could never do then or even now. Too much to accommodate, isn’t it?
Heaving a deep sigh I walked into my teens and by the time I was out of them I had concluded I wasn’t made for girlfriends. I wasn’t blessed enough to know the joy of having one for I was an odd one out here in this big bad world. Years flew by and somehow I landed up being a blogger, entering Indiblogeshwaris (A face book group of the woman, by the woman, for the woman!)

Hesitant at first, this group made me realise that it wasn’t me who was wrong all this while; it was the ones I met who were. Everyone needs a particular type of friend and I hadn’t met one so far. They make me relieve those school and college days with their jokes, leg pulling and all other fun that we keep having their everyday. I am myself there every single moment and never have to pretend to be anything else I don’t want. The comfort and respect I get is we all always want to have.
We rant, we bitch, we crib, we cry (Oh yes we do!! But because we feel the need to and not because we don’t have a choice with it!!). We discuss everything and anything under the sun here and yet nothing feels awkward. The distances melt away when we type things there as suddenly all the members come alive through their words as if you are surrounded by them. It is a group of some wonderful women bloggers who are successful entrepreneurs, professionals, students, SAHMs, young-at-heart-students across all age groups and what makes it affable is the infectious joy that I experience every time I am there.
Our meetings are pure CHAOS - not for us, but for the venue owners for we are too busy laughing away to glory to notice anybody else’s trouble at that time. When we meet our reactions are not “Oh my God! You have put on weight!!” “That colour doesn’t suit you!!” Or any other such things! The reason being the joy of seeing the other person in flesh standing before us is too much to make us notice anything else around. We accept each other as we are – Perfectly Imperfect and that is what makes this group the bestest place to be for me on this virtual world. And yes our meetings whether virtual or real are incomplete without our Dance – The Indiblogeshwari Style and our group hugs making the whole earth melt! Finally a place on earth that is mine, let's be me - a womaniya from the heart and soul, completely <3


  1. Damn the others who could not see your was their loss and our gain. You are an asset to us. Totally love you and your writing <3

    1. :D

      He he .. now that one made me smile and dance once again like that little pony up there! <3

  2. Love this, and I share all your opinions of the awesome IB group!! It's truly a place we can be ourselves!

  3. Oh Privy! You've said exactly what I feel! But you've said it far more lucidly than I could have. Somehow I am always tongue- tied when I want to talk about this group. No matter what I say, I always feel I haven't said enough!

    But I am not surprised you spoke for me here. There is that thing between us, you had to say this.

    Sometimes I wish my eldest one had a blog too so she could be a part of this group. She too is going through the loneliness of being the odd one out among her peer group. It makes her feel as if something is wrong with her, though I tell her it isn't so. But then I am only her mother. My opinion doesn't count. :P

    Just... <3 this. And you. <3 <3 <3

    1. :)

      Loads of love and hugs Dagny is all that I can say after this comment of yours!!

      <3 u more

  4. Wow, Privy Trifles............emoseenal kar ditta! Kya baat, kya baat, kya baat! But thank you.....words like these make us feel we are in the right place doing something right, even though we have no clue what it is. Happy you found your spot in the sun. Much love, joy and happiness...........always~

    1. Thanks so much for gracing my blog with your comment <3

      It is always a pleasure and joy to be there..

  5. You said it all! It is one awesome group and will always be! :')


  6. I am sure when like minds meet...these meets of indiblogeshwaries would be so chaotic and care free at the same time...wanna be in one of those meets to experience it myself :)

    1. Oh yes Ruchira you should be there to believe it! I had one and I still burst out laughing just thinking about it.

  7. Wow that is such a beautiful post :) Glad you realized that nothing was haywire with you or frankly for that matter with your friends.. you'll just belonged to different places.. yours was IB :)


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