About dreams and dreamers - An invite

"Dream - for they come true " is something I always believed in. Eternal dreamer is how I have always wanted to be known as for I dream with both my eyes open and close. One such dream was to be an editor of a magazine. I always wanted one day my sign to read as Editor for various reasons. One I have always been in love with the written word and two a magazine's editor as per was a dream job to be in. To just keep writing and reading , who wouldn't love such a job!
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And as they say when you dare to dream the whole Universe conspires to make your dreams come true and it did happen. This dream was there in my eyes since I don't know when and finally this dream came true last month when one of my close friends Arti and me came together to start Writer's Ezine - an online magazine where we bring together poets, writers, photographers and story tellers.
We are looking at releasing our first issue in April 2014 and for that I would like to extend a warm invite to each one of you:
Looking forward to your best wishes as always and would love to see each one of you there!


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