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Silent Saturday

Merry Christmas

Book Review: Just the way you are by Sanjeev Ranjan

Behind The Book: Olivier Lafont

Book Review: God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

Silent Saturday

Book Review: Warrior by Olivier Lafont

Cover Reveal: Hidden Passion By Summerita Rhayne

Book Review:The Buck Stops Here by Ashutosh Garg

Book Review: A tryst with Human Mind by Prameela Sreemangalam

Silent Saturday

Romance:Then and now - A guest post by Shilpa Suraj

Celebrating Patient Solidarity Day

Book Review:M for Misfit by Sarika Pandit

Book Review: The Fifth Man by Bani Basu ( Translated by Arunava Sinha)

Cover Reveal: Matches Made in Heaven by Sundari Venkatraman

Behind the Book: Rohit Agarwal

Book Review: Shadows in the sun by Gayathri Prasad

Book Review: My Name is Abu Salem by S Hussain Zaidi

Silent Saturday

Book Review:Railonama -Unforgettable Train Stories by Anupama Sharma

Book Review: Fashionably Yours by Swati Sharma

Book Review: Love, Job or Country by Rohit Agarwal

Behind the Book: Leigh Raines

Silent Saturday

Book Review: Decoding Bollywood – Stories of 15 film directors by Sonia Golani

Book Review:The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer: A Bombay story by Laxmi Hariharan

Silent Saturday

Just Jottings ~ Reviews and reviewers

Whispering Wednesday

Behind The Book: Shilpa Suraj

Silent Saturday

Book Review: Fall like a rose petal by AVIS Viswanathan

Book Review:The Son by Jo Nesbo

Whispering Wednesday

Book Review: Rescued by Love by Shilpa Suraj

Book Review: We’re all mad here by Leigh Raines

Book Review: The Girl He Left Behind by Shilpa Suraj

Silent Saturday

Just Jottings: Of free lunches and free- lancing!

Silent Saturday

Book Review: The Children Act by Ian McEwan

Behind The Book: Swati Sharma

Whispering Wednesday

Book Review: 7 Secrets of the Goddess by Devdutt Pattanaik

Book Review: Princess, More Tears to Cry by Jean Sasson

Whispering Wednesday

Silent Sunday