Book Review: I am life by Shraddha Soni


·         ISBN – 9788184003581

·         Genre: Self help / Spirituality

·         Publishers: Random House

·         Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)

Exploring life as a subject has always interested me for various reasons, the most prominent being that this is the biggest gift we could ever have and yet is the most mysterious one.

Behind The book
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About the author

Shraddha Soni is a natural healer who has been practicing pranic healing, reiki, clinical hypnosis for the last 16 years. Her clients include top celebrities from all over the world. She has a huge following in Bombay.

Me thinks

This book coming from Random House was a tad disappointing more so because of the author’s bio. It somehow left me in a bad taste. I always love reading about the author for somewhere I aspire to be one and it always reminds me of what goes behind a book. But the wordings there were not inspiring enough to say the least.

The author has attempted a very different genre not much present in Indian literature and to quite an extent has done a decent job. An attempt to mix fiction with nonfiction and bring out the deeper meaning of life is very well articulated throughout the book the book by the author. And for a first timer her efforts need to be applauded for writing something so unique and refreshingly different.

A decent and light read for people who enjoy this kind of genre specially coming from an Indian author who understands the Indian mentality very well.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like meethi mirchi pickle - tangy and spicy!
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