Book Review: How not to make money by Raj Kundra


·         ISBN – 9788184003970

·         Genre: Fiction / Thriller

·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

·         Price: Rs. 299/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)

When booze smugglers Jai and Mike reconsider their options after another close brush with the law, their friend Aziz, a corporate lawyer comes up with a plan for all of them to rake in even more money with less risk. Setting up an undetectable, fool proof scam, the boys who grew up together in the same London neighbourhood are now going to grow rich together, and quick. As with the best laid plans, they’d not counted on a few bumps along the way in the form of the intrepid fraud investigator who picks up on their trail, and Pam, the femme fatale whose sari blouses leave less to the imagination than bikinis, who has her eye set firmly on Jai. Knowing you have to risk it big to make it big, the boys put everything on the line in this high-speed thrill ride of a novel. But will they come out laughing or are they walking into a trap?

Behind The book

Childhood friends Jai, Mike and Aziz are going to get rich quick, or die trying. Based on a true story.
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About the author

Raj Kundra is an entrepreneur and a businessman. This is his first novel.

Me thinks

For a debut author Raj Kundra has done an impressive job here. I wouldn’t say it is excellent or trendsetting in Indian literature but yes strong enough for people to sit up and take notice about him as an author.  The genre – thriller chosen by him needs a lot of finesse to give a riveting end product and to quite an extent he has managed to do that. I did not like the usage of cuss words for I believe they are a huge turn off for me as a reader. They make me cringe and want me to stop reading for a moment. The story is undoubtedly a page turner and edge of the seat thriller. The narration though bumpy at a few places makes it an enjoyable and funny read.

A onetime read purely for the classy attempt done by the author!

Foodie Verdict

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This book is coleslaw sandwich - filling, crunchy, crispy and delicious.
P.S This book has been received from Random House for review.


  1. It's fiction? I thought it a self-help non-fiction...

  2. Hope the book is not "Ghost Written" ? Reading through the book and find it well researched and brilliantly written giving a insight into the Asian culture of Britain.


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