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Generally I am a birthday lover but when it comes to my own birthdays I am very uncomfortable celebrating it for various reasons. I refrain from much of a celebration and usually let this day pass without any hullaballoo.  But this year I was pleasantly surprised when I received the most wonderful birthday gifts I could have ever asked for. And icing on the cake was it came from absolute strangers who made it the BESTEST birthday ever possible for me.

Blogging has surely opened up doors to a wonderful new world where complete strangers are wonderful friends now and who perhaps know me more than my real friends for they read what I write. And writing more often than not brings out my inner most feelings which I find difficult to share in person otherwise. Some lovely bloggers brightened by birthday making me feel extra special so much so that today their gifts are the oxygen I dive into anytime I feel low. The 7 most cherished gifts I have received till now:

1  A ppt ,a lovely poem and a letter.
The sender has not only become a wonderful friend but I have also recently realized that she happens to be my soul sister. Born just 15 days apart in the same year there is nothing that is different in our lives! Starting from our likes – dislikes to our life stories they are so eerily similar that sometimes I wonder is this even possible! She is the one rock on whom I fall on every time I have a tear to shed of a smile to share.

2. A handmade Book of love where I was described in different adjectives from A to Z.

It feels so touching and beautiful to read words like awesome, cute etc being used to describe me. I cried when I first read it and I cry even now every time I flip through its pages for the sender has never met me, spoken to me maybe just once in the last few months that we know each other and yet feels that I deserve all these things truly makes me feel out of the world. And yes for me she will always remain Bacha ( that’s what I always call her!)

3.   A personalized voice message telling me what difference I have made to her life
I have somehow always adored sisters and am very close to all of them. So much so that I know some of their deepest secrets which perhaps no one else does. This sender has become one such sister for me and the moment I heard her singing for me beginning with a Deeee…. I had this huge grin on my face ( I still have it as I am typing it) ~ Srishti

4.  A 16 paged letter where I was reminded of what all qualities I have
This sender has become my best friend and somehow happens to be my guardian angel and also my eternal wish granting fairy. He is someone who knows my deepest wishes even without me expressing them. He is the one who has sent me what is undoubtedly the last telegram of my life and millions of other letters, cards, mails, songs and gifts just to see a SMILE :)

  5.  A picture with a lovely message all the way from Singapore

She fights, she threatens, she smiles, she cries, she dotes, she adores and most importantly she loves everything that I write. And yes she fights with me when I don’t for her I am her Good morning call :) Can anything be better than this, my heart screams NO!! She is that one reminder I need to remember my true calling everytime I forget it.

  6. An entire e-book is dedicated to me purely for the writer felt I inspired him to write

This blogger I met in a way I don’t even remember. And yes I truly love his stories no doubt about it! But I did not know my random comments could lead to something like this! Thanks so much Rejo...

  7.An email is sent to me from a person who had began reading my blogs exactly a year back and how much change I have made in that person’s life since then till now.  Priyanka... <3

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   LIFE is truly beautiful with such wonderful souls around me who constantly shower me with their love!


  1. Life is beautiful, darling. Lovely gifts. I would like something like this too..... :(

    BTW, a very heart warming post. Glad you have so many lovely people in your life. God bless ya!

    1. Awww kajal I am sure some of these will be awaiting on your birthday soon :)

      Oh yes touchwood I am surely blessed.

      Thanks so much <3

  2. you have an entire e-book dedicated to you.. wow! That is so cool :D
    Love all of the reasons but that one just sounds so awesome in a 'mega' way, if you know what I mean.

    1. Oh yes Roshan I agree it is. When he sent it to me, I thought he is just asking me to read it JLT. And then I saw my name as dedicated to and I was speechless.... :D

  3. Wow,you and your frnd both are special.You have said in extra ordinary way about frnd .Your frnds are greatful too ,that they got frnd like you.TC ',GBU.

  4. You deserve everything wonderful, Privy. What a novel idea to share about these gifts and indirectly about the people who gave them to you. But then you always are so creative.

    1. Wow Corinne, this coming from you is truly beautiful!!!

      thanks so much <3

  5. People recognize special people,me.Numerous pleasant returns of the day.


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