Ding Dong.... Baby sing a song

We are surrounded with music. The beating of our hearts, the flowing blood in our veins, our voices, the hushing trees, gushing rivers, cool breeze, blaring horns… they all come together to form a unique sound called music.Like my music teacher used to say, God gave us heartbeats for He wanted us to listen to this music every time as we continued living. But somewhere in between we forget the music of our heartbeats as it drowns amidst the logic of our minds, the hullaballoo of our senses and most importantly the chattering of ‘other noises’ around us.  At such times the only thing that brings back music for us is the lovely songs that we keep listening to. 
We have a huge variety of music available for us – country, hip hop, instrumental, jazz, classical, Sufi, fusion etc but their beauty remains the same.I am die hard music lover and listen to it in various languages for I believe music has the magic which transcends all the language barriers. Needless to say every person is my life is a song for me. The moment I meet someone and interact for a while a song starts playing in my mind. And that defines that person for me permanently. 
I am a die-hard music lover. My day begins with music and ends with it too. I am either humming something or listening to a song 24*7 ( yes I am sure I so that even in my dreams!!! ). And for such a person what better gift than songs. I have asked for songs as gifts on various occassions and have also been wooed through them many times. The most cherished gift till date remains a CD of some 60 songs where that special someone wanted to tell me how spending 60 weeks with me was like.
Music for me is a stress buster, it helps me stay calm and yes the type of songs I am listening to decides my mood too. Like for example a completely romantic song on loop means I am in a romantic mood and a peppy dance number means I am in a cheerful mood. Some of my favourite songs and the story behind them:

(1) Yaaram from movie Ek This Daayan - This song for me defines love and ofcourse a loved one too! I hum this song almost every hour and second for I am madly in love with its lines. They define a love which is beyond words and just matches a madness that is possible in love. A perfect stress buster for a horrible day!

(2) Ishq wala Love from movie Student of the Year - The most beautiful part about this song are the lines:Tuta jyada jyada tara jab gira jara jyada jyada maangu dil tera.These lines for me define the craziness we feel when in love. We wish it to comes true, it to happen for us. And at that time wishing on falling stars, plucking petals doing loves me - loves me not seems so right!

(3)Balam Pichkari from Yeh Jawani Hai deewani- This song was dedicated to me very recently by a close friend with the lines " Tu galat nahi hai Naina... bas hum sab se thodi alag hai" and after repeating it for 8 times we still could not stop dancing to it. And... no we did not fall in love after that!!
A perfect number that makes me want to leave everything and just dance (with all the latkas and jhatkas intact!) and I do that when I am all sloshed and need instant energy boosters.

(4) I am in love from Once upon a time in Mumbai - The feeling of experiencing first crush or love for the first time is out of the out and this song brings out that magic beautifully! The lyrics, the music, the whole feel of this song is Oh-so-beautiful! I simply cannot get enough of it, for its magical everytime I listen to it.

(5) My dream is to fly - This is my song for the times when I am extremely low.For this reminds me of what my dream is - to fly high, touch the sky and maybe rule it if I can with my smiles!

(6) Holding on letting go - One of my friends had sent me this song one night when I was going through a tough time. And this song gave me the answers to all the questions I was looking for. I listen to it every time I need to decide what to hold on and what to let go... when I need to make a choice which seems difficult, this song makes it easier for me.

(7) Show me the meaning of being lonely - A song that I listen to everytime I am lonely for as it says - It shows me the meaning of being lonely.

What defines life for you? Which song defines you? Would love to hear you connection with music.

P.S: I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013


  1. 'Ishwala' song is my fav. If we are happy and in the right frame of mind all is music to the ears but when depressed , silence is music.This is my personal opinion.

    1. I agree Kalpana music to each one is his own dear!

  2. 1, 5,6, 7 are there in my playlist too. Yaram is like magic... and the best thing about it is that it is sooooo different... Only Gulzar can think of writing a songs that that file, gadi ki chabi ainak et all.

  3. That's a beautiful collection of your favs.

    I do love the OUATIM song and Show me the meaning of being lonely. Cool. Thanks for the post!

  4. I love Number 4. Too good. :)

  5. I love music as a whole may it be light,classical,semi or folk.Even donkey brays in a musical sound. I can't participate in any of the everyday-post contest since at times I make myself free to be with the system without much ease.You have nevertheless narrated it interestingly.

    1. I agree with you dear... contests do sometimes push you but I love that push ;)


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