Book Review: The Imperative Subterfuge (When Eva Braun Met Gandhi)

I truly admire my fellow bloggers who have turned authors for that is one giant leap for them and it also feel truly encouraging to read their work. I have followed Rickie’s writings for quite some time now surely for the creativity he has and they unique narrative style that he brings along in this work which is distinctively his. The moment I came to know that he had written a book, I knew I had to read it.  I enjoyed reading his work which was a reflection of his wit and humour. 

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Firstly the concept of the book is so refreshingly different that it made me wonder what made his write something like this. It is like rewriting history in itself. But then Rickie is known to try his hand at different things and present them in a beautiful manner that you are left gasping at its sheer brilliance. 

It is a quick and easy read, not to forget thoroughly enjoyable as well. The beauty of this whole thing is everything that one could have thought of if these two people met has been thought of and conjured in this book. The book begins with Gandhi meeting Eva on a ship. He is impressed with her ideologies. The author has managed to touch the private lives of both Gandhiji and Eva before letting history unfold where he has just woven magic with his words.

Strongly recommended for its sheer brilliant work. Excellently written debut novella. Rickie has surely set the bar very high for the readers from his next work!

Foodie Verdict 
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This book is like coffee ice-cream. Different, delicious, leaves a yummy after taste long after you are done eating it!


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